Revolve 25% Off Coupons

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  1. I saw this thread a while back and just cannot seem to find it. Just wondering if anyone has any 25% off coupons? Thanks!
  2. I wish they had one all the time instead of the 15%...I would shop alot more with them.
  3. Do you have one for 15% off? I don't have any codes and I'm looking for new jeans.
  4. the code for 15% off is JT
  5. i used "jbrandpeople" for 20% off yesterday..not sure what the exclusions are though
  6. jbrandpeople only works on J Brand jeans. They used tow ork for everything but I guess they figured it out since everyone was using it... :sad:
  7. i used the jbrandjeans code last tuesday and it worked on an alice & trixie dress.
  8. duhh i mean jbrandpeople
  9. The JT worked, I wish I had a better one. Maybe 20 to 25% off. I am looking at $300 jeans. Anyone?
  10. Are you looking a True Religion?? If so, even if there was a 20-25% coupon out there they won't apply to them so you're better off with the 15% JT code!
  11. jbrandpeople didnt work when i was buying a jet hoodie, jt did though!
  12. that really sucks that jbrandpeople does not work anymore! I used it lastweek and it worked on a Theory dress. I bet they figured out there was a glitch in their system and fixed it..BOOOOO :sad:
  13. Yes I am looking at True Religion. Thanks for the note! I will just order them and quit waiting around for a better coupon. Thanks for the tip!!
  14. Is it possible to use JT and then request for the first time customer purchase for 30% off? It's a bag I'm thinking off.
  15. ^ Can't coupon stack, based on my experience, if that's what you're asking. eg When I used 'JT' for 15% off and later found a 25% off coupon, they just credited me the 10% difference.