Revole clothing 30%off

  1. i was JUST about to post this.:biggrin: you may have to be a daily candy member to use it though.
  2. SITE OVERLOAD. I keep having problems.
  3. i guess everyone on PF is flooding revolveclothing and overworked the site's bandwidth. i can't access the site too.
  4. i've been trying to work w/ it, but now it's just totally gone.
  5. coolio!
  6. Thanks for the code..just order 2 pairs of J brand. :love:
  7. Does this apply to sale items also?
  8. When does this expire?
  9. ^^^two questions!

    1.) what is a "daily candy" member?

    2.) why is there no place to order items - like no "purchase" button!!? How on earth do you order something!

  10. 1.) Daily Candy is a great e-mail you receive daily/weekly with fun things to buy, good deals, weekend ideas, etc. It's a must-subscribe for any fashionista! However, I really don't think you need to be a member to use the code (we all got the code in our emails). Try it anyway and see if it works. I don't know when it expires.

    2.) Are you sure there's no purchase button? THere should be a button that says "Add to bag." It is in the shape of a purse?
  11. Thanks I got to order some new jeans I love their service!
  12. I love Revolve too but they just canceled the 2bfree jacket that I bought because it's out of stock now. Bummer!! I was looking forward to getting it too. But I am getting a few other things from them, hopefully tomorrow!
  13. It doesnt state a expriration , but better use it while its hot.

    And it on sale items all so

    "Stock up on necessary provisions at Revolve Clothing. Only DC Deals subscribers enjoy a 30% discount on the entire site*. The best part? Sale merch priced 25-80% off is included."
  14. Cool! Thanks for posting!
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