Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping...what is it??

  1. so i saw a commerical and its like this shimmer stuff you put on top of ur lipcolor. not really sure why youd want to. seems like itd make your lips dry and feel like theres crumbs all over it. I saw it at the store the other day to. Anyone know anything about this?? And does anyone know if it tastes like anything??? just wondering. it comes in colors like pink, light green and light blue. thought it was kinda strange.
  2. I was wondering the same thing, actually... I saw it at the drugstore the other day, and I saw that it comes in other colors besides pink -- there's blue, purple, green, etc. Colors I would NEVER put on my lips!

    Personally, for years I've just "topped" my lips with a dab of Mac Pigments in Rose (also a glittery pink) and finished it off with clear gloss so it doesn't feel "crumbly."
  3. I am wondering the same question! I saw it as well?
  4. I have the pink and it's nice. It's not crumbly at all, the glitter kind of sinks into your lips. I use it on top of a lip stain when I don't want gloss.
  5. I always wondered about that..they have the ads in some of the magazines and it looks really glittery. It's pretty but I wondered about the scratchiness of the glitter.
  6. Looks nice! ..going to have to buy it now ^^
  7. I bought some and returned it. Waste of money. It comes off pretty quick also. It doesn't scratch your lips. It also has a flavor to it. It DOES NOT look like it does in the ads or tv commercials. Plus the applicator is plastic stick, it's not even a brush.
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