1. I'm so addicted to these products. I usually use "high end" makeup, chanel, nars,, clinique - but I always throw in some skinlight product too:

    I love their loose powder and their glowing lotion. The trick is to only use a little bit on your cheeks, browbone, chin etc.

    I've tried higher end glow makers - but i've always come back to this line.

    Anyone else?:flowers:

    p.s. I this this line works best in summer - when you're looking for a warm bronze or pearl light to you face.
  2. i love the scent of these!

    i wish they hadn't d/c'd the perfume line they had a while back

    they really are good highlighers. i only use the loose powder though. i mix it with lotion for a subtle body shimmer. :love:
  3. I love the lotion too! It always look subtle without looking sweaty. It's great.
  4. Ooh I might have to try these - have seen these in the shop but never tired before - thanks:smile:
  5. Yes! I love the lotion. I use it on my cheeks and eyes. It's the best thing ever!
  6. I wish they hadn't discontinued so many items from this line. All of the products I tried were really fantastic!
  7. I just received their cologne which smells just like their products. It has a fresh green tea smell that I love. :heart:
  8. I mix their skinlights with spf 30 lotion for extra protection, but with tint and's a daily morning ritual for me.
  9. Love these (the little round cream blushers) Just wish the plastic cases had sturdier hinges.
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