revlon colourstay foundation

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  1. hello ladies, i have recently heard great reviews for this foundation and is a great MAC dupe, wondering which colour does the asians here use? i have an olive skin tone...i use medium beige for everyday minerals.
  2. I use "Buff", but I am a fair olive tone.
  3. I use sand beige (revlon colorstay active though) and i love it so much.. looked so natural and blend really well with skin tone.. i only finished half and i already buy another one as a back up..
  4. sorry no help here, i dont do foundation....i need to! lol but not yet....picking the right shade drives me batty!
  5. LOVE this foundation! I would never try anything else! Its great
  6. Its my fave foundation ever and I've tried it all! So much better than Mac foundations..

    I use combo/oily in Golden Beige...I'm not asian but have a little bit of an olive skintone.