Revlon Colorstay Foundation with SoftFlex

  1. Interested to know this too!
  2. I'm hoping someone who is more familiar with the line may have more info. My CVS only has this one, but when I looked online it appears their is another one with 15spf?
    Mine in only 6spf - so we'll see what we can figure out :smile:
  3. There are 2 formulas - for oily skin and regular. But, be careful. I'm #400 in the regular, in oil free #400 is about 2 shades lighter! I checked the other shades as well and the coloring was off for those as well.
  4. Argh, been trying to find my shade with no luck! I like the formula a lot but need to exchange the color but all CVSs are sold out of my color!
  5. I got a few more today, the oily/ combo one is 6spf and doesn't not have the 24hour text written on the bottle like the other ones I got. I also picked up and normal to dry and that one has a 15spf.
    ^ I know what you mean about finding your right shade, I'm mixing the too light one with the too dark one and gonna give it a try. Guess its more of a challenge to get it figured out.
  6. Definitely one of my favorite if not my favorite foundation. Even if the color doesn't exactly match you can mix it with other ones and make them last longer. So long wearing and gives you amazing coverage.
  7. will give it a try next time.
  8. I'm not one for buying drugstores foundation but Ido buy other cosmetics liked lipstick, glosses, and Eyeshadows and mascara. This Revlon foundation blew me away. I really liked it. The shades are good and the coverage is great. For a drugstore this is my hg foundation.
  9. I have just bought my second bottle of this. Really lovely stuff. Covers well, does not oxidise & doesn't hurt the pockets!
  10. My go-to foundation for a couple of years now. Love it, it stays on all day, matches my skin perfectly and makes it look flawless!
  11. My skin is really oily so this doesn't work well for me without a primer. The poreless primer by Mally Roncal makes this adhere to my skin like superglue! The only way I'll wear it is with this primer. The coverage is very good though.
  12. The first time I tried this foundation I felt like it was really dry and didn't blend well enough for me. I think I should try it again because everyone only seems to have good things to say about it!
  13. This is my current HG, too! I'm rotating between the Colorstay (the normal/dry formula is easier to blend for me than the oily/combo formula), Lancome Teint Miracle and La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation and I find myself reaching for the Revlon on most days. Wears much longer than the other two and Nude is a perfect match for me :smile:
  14. This was actually the first foundation I bought back when I was in high school and I was amazed at the fact that it's a drugstore foundation. Great coverage, didn't need to set it with powder, and lasts for a long time.
  15. There are at least 3 Colorstay formulas:

    - Liquid for oily/combo skin
    - Liquid for normal/dry skin
    - Whipped crème formula

    As far as drugstore foundations go, Revlon really makes some nice products. I just bought the Colorstay liquid for dry skin & the whipped crème to try.