Reviving old bags?

  1. so, lately ive been hit by the balenciaga bug, and i havent used any other designer in MONTHS. Something today though made me take out my louis vuitton messenger, i decided instead of wearing it in the usual messenger style like ive been doing the last four years of owning this bag, i shortened the straps and carried it around courier style, like kate moss and her balenciaga flat brass hobo.

    OMG, it was like i had been carrying a BRAND NEW bag, even though i was tired of and ready to sell it months ago.

    Has anyone else had stories of turning old bags they almost forgot about into a new bag-carrying experience?

    lol, im really so excited, i was ready to plop another 1000+ on a new bag, when all i had to do was look in my current collection and get a little creative! :yahoo:
  2. I think carrying small shoulder bags, with short straps, as clutches and just letting the strap hang, can rejuvenate them. :yes: