RéVive skincare line

  1. I am really into skincare, and still looking for great products that are suitable for preventing aging - turned 29 two days ago- and I am particularly picky on eye creams. I've tried Biotherm, Orlane, lancome, Clinique, Dr Haushka not being impressed at all, and now I want to try Révive, starting with the Eye renewal cream, and see to extend to their face products. I am in Europe so I can't get any samples, I am asking to a friend travelling to US to get it for me there.
    I would like to read your experiences with that brand. Thanks !
  2. I love the moisturing renewal creme - I believe it has some glycolic in it . . . I also believe that was their first best selling product. I haven't tried alot of the other products because the prices were much higher (not all but ones I would want to try).
  3. I love their eye cream
  4. Has Anyone Try This Skin Care Line? If So, What Do You Recommend?
  5. Don't know it Sorry.
  6. I used to use Revive. I found it rather harsh on my skin. Heavy on the alpha-hydroxies. I switched to Amore Pacific and it is the best product for my skin on the market - by far. There are several of us on tPF who are AP users and love it!!!

    Revive does make a nice neck cream.
  7. Never heard of it before. What's its secret ingredient, or what is it known for?
  8. I have never heard of it either but im interested to hear.
  9. Info in Revive:

    What it does
    • Brings immediate improvement to sun-damaged and prematurely aged skin.
    • Turns over top layers of dry skin to let under-layers of healthy skin bloom with EGF, Epidermal Growth Factor, a naturally occuring protein molecule whose discovery was rewarded with a 1986 Nobel Prize.
    • Provides indispensable nourishment.
    • Heals post-operative, recently lasered, and chemically healed skin up to 40% faster.

    Info on Amore Pacific:
    Reveal the youthful skin you remember with this unprecedented, time-transforming creme.

    What it Does
    • Anti-aging therapies continuously correct, protect, and reprogram skin.
    • Pure EGCG, a potent and rare botanical compound derived from green tea, protects skin from damage and premature aging.
    • Skin is restored to an optimal, youthful-looking state.
    • For non-responsive skin and all skin seeking intensive anti-aging benefits.
    • 1.7-ounce jar.

    Key Ingredients
    • EGCG, 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E as an antioxidant, offers intensive protection against damage and premature aging.
    • BioGF1K Complex™, a patented red ginseng complex, delivers the most active compounds of red ginseng which can be absorbed by the skin; provides antioxidant protection against free radicals and anti-aging benefits which boost elasticity and firmness.
    • Synergistic blend of EGCG and BioGF1K™ work together to revive skin and restore optimum cell function.
  10. Ive used Revive...it is a patented find by a Scientist in regerating collegen and other unique components in the skin.

    The best selling products are the really expensive serums for about 1k per bottle if I remember correctly.....and the renewel night cream, which I use and love.

    But it is very strong, so I use it coupled with my daily regimen and I use it 1 to 2 times a week, at night only. I can tell you that it really makes a difference! I think that Revive and La mer, along with Oil of olay and nivea products really do change your skin for the better, unlike anything else Ive tried.
  11. thank you so much for all your input, i have decided to purchase some products,. Hopefully I will like it.
  12. What's the deal with a line of skincare called ReVive? Is is all natural? Does it have parabens in it? What are the best products in the line? Where can it be purchased? I'm always looking for a new line so I'd appreciate any input you have! Thanks!
  13. ReVive is not all natural, to my understanding and i dont know if it has parabens in it, but what i do know is that it works!

    well for me anyways. it's made my skin clearer and brighter than ever before! (in conjunction with a clarisonic) I've only used the Volumising Serum, the Moisturizing Renewal Creme, and the Sensitif Cellular Repair, and i can say that i love ALLL OFFF THEMMM!!

    though the volumizing serum isn't worth the 600 they charge, i got a bottle from one of my friends who's an SA.

    And it's sold at most high-end dept. Neiman Marcus and Saks have it.
  14. I'm usually really big on natural products but when it comes to eye cremes I not as picky if they work.... That said I can't even say I pay much attention to the ingredients list on my eye renewal creme by them but I do really like it.
  15. I just started using the line. The eye gel/cream works like magic; I could feel the tightening around my eyes as soon I put it on.

    The renewal cream is still in pending for review. I got red which was expected so I stopped but I am starting again...

    Anyone else have used other products in there line?