Revitalash vs Jan Marini Eyelash products

  1. I am debating on getting either one of these. I have seen by searching on the web, how both of these have great results. The before and after pics are very impressive with both. They are both approx the same price give or take a few dollars. Depending on coupon codes and such you can get one for a lot cheaper.

    Also, a lot of places with the Jan Marini product, you have to either sign up for a consultation about it, you can't just order it and then they won't give you a price unless you do the consultation. I have read that the JM product has an ingredient that was used for glaucoma patients and it was found to increase eyelash growth. There was discussion on whether it should be FDA approved or not. Most said no because it was a cosmetic but not a drug. If there is no kind of drug in it, why do I need a consultation??? It is kind of scaring me. Although, there are some sites you can outright order it, you have to pay full price.

    Which in my search, brought me to discover about Revitalash. On the Revitalash sights, you can just order it and apply coupon codes and good to go. It is supposed to be natural and I haven't read a bad thing about it.

    My question is, has anyone tried both of them? I would love to hear personal experiences.
  2. This is my first time hearing of these products and they sound interesting, I would like to know too!
  3. I just ordered the Revitalash. It was $170 with tax and shipping. I hope it works! I'll report back.

    If you try Jan Marini, please let us know if you like it.
  4. i've tried Jan Marini and bought it at with a 20% off coupon code. my lashes did grow longer and i stopped for a few weeks because it was a little too long with mascara. it didn't make my lashes fuller, just very long.

    i've also tried Talika Lipocils from Sephora and it made my lashes fuller, not longer. so i alternate both of them and they work on eyebrows too.
    haven't gotten around to trying Revitalash but heard good things about it.
  5. Oh I like Talika when I used it several years ago but I can't find it anywhere now. Maybe Sephora was just out.

    It's good to know Jan Marini works. It's expensive.
  6. ^i got mine online,the local Sephora said it was available there. also found it at
  7. I use Revitalash and it has worked well for me. My lashes were short after chemotherapy; now they are nice and long.
  8. Are the results permanent? I was looking to get some for my mum.
  9. wow! This is a great thread. I saw a thing on Revitalash on TV the other day and wanted to know more about it. Cool that these actually work!
  10. I use Jan Marini. I noticed my eyelashes in a bald spot I had grew back. There was an good article about it in this month's Elle or Vogue. It said that the active ingredient could darken the shade of people's eyes. I'll see if I can find it.

    I'm not 100% convinced that it makes my eyelashes longer. I've been using it for about 5 weeks now. My eyelashes are pretty thick as it is. Hope this helps.
  11. I also was concerned when I read about the darkening of the eyes. This is why it scared me.
  12. eek! what do you darkening of the eyes? do you mean under the eyes? if so, i dont think longer lashes is a good trade for dark circles. i haven't received my tube yet.
  13. I'm on day 3 of using Revitalash and I notice my upper lids are a bit darker, kind of purplish (the product is supposed to be swept on the upper lid like eye liner). I haven't noticed any improvement (yet) but I guess I'll keep using it.

    Ronda sorry to hear about chemo. Hope you are 100% recovered now. :yes: