Revisional double eyelids surgery

  1. Anyone is going this Oct to Korea?
  2. anymore updates?
  3. Can you tell me your experience? Thanks!
  4. SassyChic09,

    Which clinic are you going to?

  5. I'm going to Banobagi for the eye revision and nostils base reduction. I think with the nostrils base reduction, any doctor can do that. I want to have both surgery at the same time and under one numb medication.
  6. I want to re-do my eyes and nose - I may be heading to Item if they reply. If not, I may just go and see other clinics.

    For nose base reduction, be aware that sometimes the line cut can be seen without make-up.
  7. Anyone gg to Korea in end Nov?
  8. Hi! I was reading your older posts saying you wanted to go to Dr. Kenneth Kim in LA instead of Korea since it's closer...I'm curious to know why you chose to go to Banobagi over Dr. Kenneth Kim? I'm having the same dilemma...go to LA which is only a few hour flight...or Korea this December :s
  9. All the best SassyChic09!Wish u Good Luck For your Surgery!
  10. Omg, just fly to Koreaaa~~~ I thought the same and did it in the states.. my biggeet regret ever!!!!
  11. Really, where did you go? It's so hard to decide T_T my mom wants me to go to Korea so she can meet the doctor too but Dr. Kenneth Kim in LA has good reviews..
  12. Hi JuicyME,
    I'd also like to know where you went. I'm actually planning on doing a nose job with Dr. Kenneth Kim.
  13. All the best, Sassychic. Ya, it is better to have one numb medication. Do post when you have done the op. By the way, which hotel will you be going to?
  14. any updates?
  15. hey there, i am grateful i found this forum discussion. i need some help here :sad:
    has anyone heard of OZ or VIP? i am planning to go to OZ for epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty, and go VIP for nose surgery.
    i have heard of teuim is good for magic epicanthoplasty. can anyone verify me on this?
    apart from that, ive read quite some good reviews about banobagi on this forum. what are they good at?
    anyway, i am planning to go end of this dec. i want to make sure everything is settled before i book my flight. pls do advise. thank you very much.