Revisional double eyelids surgery

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  2. Hi dear Members frds, I'm quite new in this forum, I'm still looking a gd Korean surgeon to lower down my eyelid. i would like to share my experiences here...I had my 1st surgery in Singapore Mt Elizabeth with JJ Chua, it cost me $4000, however it's failure because I'm having asysmetical eyelid, 3 yrs later I went to Taiwan With my younger bro, he told me Dr Chuang from wishclinic is gd at rhinoplasty n blepharoplasty,so I accompany him to Dr Chuang at wishclinic on Jan 2011 for his rhinoplasty n my eyelid revision. All expenses and air ticket and surgery cost is add up to a $2.5k. He mention I got a very slight ptosis on my left eyes advised me to do levator muscle advancement but I did not agree because of it's complication so just did an epi n double eyelid surgery. I'm now 3 mths ops,when my eyes close,my cuts is measured at 10mm high my cut is at centre of eyelid. When open eyes it's measured 4mm high. My eyelid look super unnatural because it's heavy n too thick. Everyday when I woke up I feel stretching feel on my eyelid n numbness. I'm so worried.

    In forum, everyone case is so diff. I don't know should I go revision? If i need revision which dr in Korea is gd in eyelid revision? I'm having consultation on 24th April with Bk dongyang Dr Kim but his price is too steep at 2.5k-4k usd or more.I do not have high budget anymore.. Currently still considering of Dr Kwon teumips and Banobagi clinic, does anyone has any Experience with this clinic can advise me?
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    hi dear,frds this is all my current photo recoverage stage...pls advise
    thank you...
  4. the last pic of your eyes look really good with the long lashes. I think u should have a consultation face to face with Dr. Kim from BK and Dr. Joung from Banobagi. Dr. Joung is really good from what I heard. I don't know why they quoted u so high. A revision is a revision doesn't matter how u have it done. they quote me only $1800 us dollars. Is your quote in U.S dollars or in Korean money?
  6. I m ok with his before and after pics. I still like Banobagi clinic more.
  7. Hi sassy, my real person eyelid is thick n high.. Open eyes measure 4mm is so funny.. I'm facing tiredness in opening my eyes because it's heavy. Ya banobagi quoted me 3000000krw then after my replied they lower down to 2200000krw. If any lower must come in consultation with coordinator first.. Sounds funny. However my intention is on 24th after I visit Dr Kim and if his price is rocket high I will g. Korea look for banobagi n teumip dr kwon for consultation and lastly one more place Quite gd name (abgujung Seoul plastic surgery) Dr Lee Min Goo, because I see one forum member her revision v complicated but is done nicely by this Dr. U can search from soompi forum page 364-365. She got post photo...

  8. How much is in U.S dollars for the number they quote you? I just asked for a price in eye revision and banobagi quoted $1800. Who is Dr. U and which clinic is Dr. U working for? Dr. kim don't give exact quote until you have a face to face consultation with him and he said the price is twice or more than the first surgery. I scared he might jack up the price if you know you from international, especially if he know you consulting and surgery on the same day. Good Luck and tell me about it please.
  9. Hi Dear members,im back from Dr Kim bkdy review le. he mention that i have ptosis problem need levator muscle advancement and lowering eyelid surgery.. however the cost is rocket high $3500 usd. he say if i just do lowering eyelid i will still look sleepy,after calculating min air ticket and hotel and expenses its gonna cost me almost $6000 le. Omg im lost really dont know what to upset dont know who can i look for im afraid to go korea alone because communication problem hence my case is revision not easy...i thought i could go for m revision in May but now need to reconsider le.
  10. Hi Dear all my email replied from dr kwon teumips, bandoeyes dr cho and VIP cliic says i have to wait till 6mths. Only banobagi base on pic say i can revision (price was quoted differently after my reply). Final reviews is I need Ptosis correction with eyelid lowering.

    Something to share with all of the members, this morn i called Banobagi and Abgujung seoul plastic surgery the first line is computer operator in korean, i dont understand korean so i press one number and happens someone attended me.They put me though over the phone for 5mins another gal attend she cant even speak simple english..just say call me back with my number drop down. Although Abgujung seoul plastic surgery is gd in review but bad impression is they straight away hang up my phone after that i called again cant get though. This makes me freak out!

    I wonder if i go korea alone or with our dear forum members for consultation even got translators that might be a gd choice provided my revision turns out well. What if its not? After i come back singapore i got no one to turn to? Depression again? lose my job again? lose my freedom to step out of house again? Hence revision over revision is v risky, i rather pay abit more to bk dongyang at least i got Elaine who is currently working under Dr kim, she live in singapore. she can takecare our post ops.

    Regarding about Bk Dongyang bad review after sales service had been clarifIed by elaine. Bk Dongyang clinic is very big there are many other doctors work under Dr Kim however diff dr got diff principle. In Korea many Dr will try to accomodate paitents requirements and budget, some paitents insist to skip procedure without considering the outcome results may vary. For Elaine she work under head of directors Dr kim if Dr kim did the same thing like others she will lose her job. So till now she got no complains under her case but she not sure to those who walk in by themself.

    However she really understand everyone has budget so usually if Dr kim advise procedure for maxi results,if paitent cant affort Elaine will feedback to Dr kim n will diagnose again see what solution to come out with. Thus Dr kim n Elaine will explain why necessary and the prone and cons about skipping procedure. Moreover i had seen 2-3 revision eyelid case with Dr kim seems to be gd too. This makes me finalise to go to Dr kim,i rather squeeze all my money to go for it that saving here and there to korea end up after calculating the cost in revision surgery, air ticket, hotel, transport fees and food expenses added up diff comparing to i spent on bk dongyang trip to korea average diff about 1k but this can brings me back to singapore safe n sound with accompanies and assurance.

    I would say if going korea to search for clinic is rather gd for people who can speak korean or usually primary eyelid surgery stands the most advantage because no other complication but must do research well ya.
  11. Dear all members,

    Please help me......

    I will be most appreciated if you could share any information from any korean frds review on this clinic name PETIT NOBLE? website There is someone who told me this clinic Dr Koh is well known for his skill in Local Korea people.

    Sorry for this urgent post,as im running out of time to do extra research hence i do not have other direct korean frds in singapore. Due to my failure eyelid surgery i left my previous job. Im fortunately enough to join back my company this time.There is opening in July,but i have to start work by July and i cant take anymore long leave so i have to do my Revision in next Early May 2011.

    Please drop me an email at or Pm me. Thank u.
  12. I am now living in United States and thinking to do my eyelid surgery in korea. I have heard of Kies-U did a great job and what about Banobagi? Which one is better?? Thanks all.
  13. Hi sassychic09, so u think banobagi is good?? My friend did it in Kies-U, but they put her in total anesthesia for eyelid surgery. So I m not sure if it is bad idea? I would like to choose the local anesthesia instead. What u think??
  14. Dear girls,

    I went to Seoul last April for my eyelid revision surgery. I had the following problems with my previous double eyelid surgery with Dr. Charles Lee in Los Angeles:

    1) Dr. Charles Lee made my folds too high and too round shaped that they didn't look natural
    2) He made my folds too deep and it caused ECTROPION (the inner eyelids are turned out too much and don't look good)
    3) Asymmetric folds

    Even though Dr. Charles Lee did a revision surgery for me, he couldn't fix the problems. In fact, I became worse off as too many operated eyes become much more difficult for future revisions for natural looking results. I also lost a lot of my muscles that lift my eyelids and also too much scarring and depressed area in my eyelids. Dr. Charles Lee is the one of the worst people in their profession - he should not have become a doctor.

    With this desperation, agony, and problems that were caused by incompetent, poorly skilled Dr. Charles Lee, I went to Seoul to search for a solution for my eyelid revision. I consulted with several doctors, and I learned from talking to them that eye revisions require much more skills and experiences than the first time double eyelid surgeries. Not all doctors could do revisions well. I would be better off finding someone who specializes in eye revisions and someone who could fix the problems I was having.

    Here is some notes I made about some doctors regarding eye revisions:

    1) Dr. Byun Gun Kim at BK - He told me straight out that he could not fix my "too deep folds and ectropion issues". He was giving an excuse like "your skin is too thick". He also said I should expect a little asymmetry even after a revision. He could pretty much only lower my folds. Since he was not that skilled, I opted for other doctors. His rate was the lowest among all the doctors I consulted with, which is somewhat reflects and is fair for his incompetency - $2500

    2) Dr. Jyoung at Banobagi - He basically said he could lower my folds and also do something extra - ptosis correction. The issue here is that I do not have ptosis. I felt like it was his thing to do ptosis corrections even if patients don't have that much issue with it just for the sake of bigger eye effect, except I didn't want bigger eyes. I wanted smaller folds and fix my other problems. I was looking for more natural looking eye, rather than unnatural, dramatic, asymmetric eyes that Dr. Charles Lee had created. Dr. Jyoung didn't say anything about ectropion, deep folds so I pretty much crossed him out from my list. His rate was $3200 after all the discount.

    3) VIP Clinic - Dr. Lee here is well known for nose and nose revisions, not so much for eye revisions. You'd better go somewhere else for eye revisions.

    4) Dr. Cho at Bando Eye Clinic - he specializes in eye and eye revisions only. He is very well regarded in many Korean websites (my Korean friends checked him out for me) for his eye revision works. He is the most expensive though. However, I was looking for solve all my problems, not bargain hunting for fixing only half of the problems. Even during the consultation, he pointed out all the problems I had and said he could fix them all. Check out his website too - he spells out each problems he could fix. I felt that other doctors just say they do revisions but in fact, there are many areas they can not fix (ectropion, deep folds, asymmetry, etc.)

    So, I chose Dr. Cho for my eye revisions. It has been a week since my eyelid revision surgery, and I can already tell that my problems are fixed - my folds are smaller (even though I have swollen eyes, I could just tell they are smaller already), my folds are shallower and look more natural, my ectropion issue looks much better now, and my asymmetry looks fixed. I am HAPPY about my results so far. I think that from now on, my eyes will look even better and more natural...finally, I am smiling after all these problems...I should have come to Seoul in the first place, not Dr. Charles Lee or anyone else in the states. I consulted several doctors in the states who specialize in Asian eyelid surgeries and based on what doctors in Seoul here say and what they were saying in the states, I could tell that doctors in Seoul are much better and much advanced in their technique and knowledge.

    I know that there are so many girls out there (some are victims of Dr. Charles Lee whom I think he should stop operating on girls and mutilating their faces with mediocre and half baked jobs) who are wondering about eye revisions. The above are my experiences, and I wanted to share this with you. I had the same agony with my eyelid issues plus the problem of not knowing the Korean language and the best doctors in Seoul. However, I have now fixed my problems with the help of a good doctor, and I highly recommend Dr. Cho at Bando Eye Clinic to the girls who are looking to fix "all of your eye revision problems" and would not compromise with "half revisions" with other doctors like BK's Dr. Kim or others.

    I am writing this out of my good heart to help those who need help. We need to help each other.
  15. I actually like the doctor to give me anesthesia that knock me out. I get nervous if I'm awake and knowing they shot laser on my eyelids or cut me open. I haven't been to banobagi yet, still doing research.