Revisional double eyelids surgery

  1. Hello friends, I'm interesting in going to Korea this coming Fall 2011 for a "Revisional double eyelids surgery" done. My folds are too big for Asian eyes and I would like to know have anyone had it done before that really like their result. Please let me know what clinic did you have it done at and what's the name of the doctor. I have been doing research on a few clinics in Korea, such as VIP, OZ, BK, Banobagi, and one or two others. Only BK and Banobagi "before and after pics" wow me. Their result are so natural and make the eyes look so big :nuts:! I also heard lots of good and bad about BK but didn't hear anything about Banobagi Clinic. BK have 13 doctors and I don't know who is specialize in what and they don't tell me. I also heard Dr. Kim at BK is the best but not friendly, and I'm afraid he doesn't understand what I wanted. Have anyone went there or know anyone that gone there that really please with their result or at Banobagi? Please share the information with me.

    If anyone want to travel with me and have some surgery done too then we can travel together. Let me know. I'm going to email Banobagi and ask questions on price and other stuffs and later decided to either go there or BK. :yahoo:
  2. hey,

    I will be going in May 2011. When are you going?
  3. Have you gotten in contact with banobagi? I tried emailing them about a week ago and no one replied back. Do you know how much they charge for revisional eyelid and magic epi?

  4. $1800 for the revision and additional 1000-1500 for the epic
  5. Heys seen when would u be going in May? Could u give me your email address for me to contact u?
  6. Bk website seems good too...i love to had revisional eyelid as i had 'sleepy' eyes...i would love to had it enhance and to do 'love band' on the under eye to make it look outstanding.
    anyone had other clinic to recommend for eyelid surgery?
  7. I'm interested in going to Korea for double eyelid revision this Fall 2011. It's kinda scary to go alone. Anyone wants to go together? May I know which doc is more experienced for double eyelid revision? Thanks so much!
  8. Which clinic you plan to go?im planning to go nex year so i can save more for shopping too :p
  9. Hi Minako,
    I'm currently planning to go to Dr. Kim from BK, bandoeyeps but it's not confirmed yet. What do you think?:amuse:
  10. I was planning to go this Fall 2011 too. First to BK but too many bad feedback lately from that clinic so now I planned to go to Banobagi. It's more local and caring for patients more. Also the place is clean and contemporary looking. I just found out that there is ONLY one doctor do "Eye Revision" and one for the nose, even they have total of 7 doctors. Only do what they specialize in, not like BK all 13 doctors do everything and they won't tell you who is good in what.

  11. Yes, Banobagi. I will go there this Fall. It's more cleaning and the doctors and nurses there are more caring and you get good result too. They have video of the previous clients showing before and after results.:biggrin:
  12. i will be going around 2nd week of may. how about ya?
  13. I'm new to this forum. What's the name of the doctor from Banobagi that do eye revision. How much do they charge for the surgery? Do you have any feedback for Dr. Cho from bandoeyeps? Thanks!
  14. anybody who had revision with teuimps or banobagi like to post pics for us to see?

  15. Who is Dr. Cho? I never write to him. Anyway I got respond from Banobagi and the doctor that did the eye revision is Dr. Jung. He's there for 2 years already and his profile is not on the web. They said it's up there but I didn't see it. Anyway he's specialize in it and it's cost only $1800 compare to BK it's around $2500-$4000. BK won't said the exact amount because I think they want to see you first and once you want to do the surgery on the same day then they want to increase the price to make more money that's why they give the price range instead the exact price. I think I'm going to Banobagi this Fall. I looked at lots of Korea websites and most of them doesn't have the good before and after pics like BK and Banobagi. BK is more into money and bad service, even Dr. Kim is very popular and good at what he does but lately he have lots of bad reviews. I want to go there only one time and don't want a second surgery so I want to pick the place that will take care of me and understand what I want.:graucho: