Revision rhinoplasty


Jul 17, 2016
Hi everyone,
I was wondering whether or not a successful nose reoperation would last a lifetime, especially now that implants are safer and more durable.
What is the most common type of material used for the tip during a revision rhino? The surgeon used septal cartilage for my primary and didn't use any ear cartilage. My results are noticeable but natural but I'm considering an extension because I want my top lip area to be pulled outwards, like in this picture:
Does anyone have any revision stories to share? :smile:
On another note, will an operated nose be affected or swollen in any way during pregnancy?
Thank you!
Mar 8, 2017
Hey I didn't have a revision exactly, but I had, had a non-cosmetic septoplasty many years ago and didn't have any septal cartilage left for my rhinoplasty. So my doctor use my ear cartilage instead. I'm at 3 weeks now and so far it's looking good!

I would advice against using rib cartilage. I've read that it can warp over time.