Revision Rhinoplasty using Rib Cartilage & Silicone (2 months after)

I had primary rhinoplasty in the US in 2018.
Unfortunately my nose started to deform last year Fu**
The tip of my nose became droopy and bulbous, so my nose on the camera was very strange and I was going to have a mental illness as I kept looking at my nose.
So I decided to do a revision. I've been searching for a clinc by asking friends and looking PurseForum!!
The doctors recommended by my friends were Dr. Donald Yoo in LA and Dr. Kang(Noselab) in Korea. Because my friends had operations there, I could actually check their both results and their B/A photos in online as well.
And the place I got information from PurseForum was Dr. Kim from 1st button in Korea. I checked their information by looking at people's reviews and checked their B/A.

<Dr. Donald yoo>
He is famous and operated on many celebrities. And because it's in the US, it's easy to visit. And I think the biggest advantage is that he has a lot of experience with DCF. If you don't like silicone, it can be a good suggestion but if you look at his Instagram and Youtube, you can see all the same results with the same nose shape as a factory, so it's better to think about it. And above all, the price was seriously too high and my friend who did it form there regrets so much she paid over 30K :sad: Thats CRAZYY

<Dr. Kang / Noselab>
I didn't want to leave another scar on my nose but then I was interested in doing it with a closed rhinoplasty and I also like that he has great skills and is an ENT specialist doctor. Just looking at the photos on his Blog and Youtube, it seems a bit over designed, but if you look at the shape of my friend who had revision rhinoplasty there, it’s beautiful and classy;) Maybe there's something wrong with his blog picture I guess (lol they should change the camera!!)

<Dr. kim / 1st button>
He had a lot of reviews on the PurseForum. Looking at the reviews, I think he is an ENT expert and has great skills. But looking at the reviews and B/A from 1st button, I don't think people are expecting big changes there.

I finally decided to do my revision at Noselab after considering many things.
My decision was most influenced by my friend. She previously had DCF rhinoplasty from Dr. Donald yoo 3 years ago and wasn’t satisfied with the result and got revision from Dr. Kang in Noselab(Feb this year)
She is very happy now, and in fact, her nose now looks much prettier than it used to be.
In terms of cost, it was cheaper to get revision from Dr. Kang than Dr. Donald yoo even if I added both the operation and travel expenses.
And Dr. Kim’s result seemed good too, but the nose he pursues doesn't seem too much of a change by my standards. I prefer to spend money for my definite change. I decided that the opportunity cost of money and time was not worth it.

After arriving in Korea, the actual consultation with Dr. Kang wasn’t long but he knew exactly what I wanted because he was skilled and experienced, and the consultation went smoothly. I told him once again emphasizing that I wanted a more dramatic and classy look rather than a normal natural nose and politely asked to make it refine and define.
There was a cast after the operation, but I could tell that my nose was the way I wanted it to be.
Until two days after the operation was so bad, but it got better over time.
It was more difficult and complicated than my first rhinioplasty in 2019, but I think my recovery was faster thanks to their professional care.
What I heard from local friends, he is famous for revision rhinoplasty in Korea. I heard rumors that a lot of Korean celebrities got operations there. The consultant even said that another doctor referred patients who had been botched to him for revision.
I visited Korea with a friend who had a revision from Dr. Kang so after surgery my friend took care of me, we went shopping together, and had a great time in Korea with her local friends. And after all treatment, I returned to my home.
To my friend- I would never have done it without you! I love you♥
I've had revision for over two month now! Some of my friends are going to follow me and my friend to the Noselab for rhinoplasty. So far I'm very happy with it, I just hope my friends don't have noses like mine haha (I'm jealous)
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