Revision eyelid surgery (pictures inside!)


Apr 4, 2014
Hi all! The top pic is before I got double eyelids (2008, yikes!!). The bottom pic is me after revisional rhinoplasty 1x. The basic story was that I got horrible double eyelids in Taiwan when I was young (and susceptible) and then spent sooo long trying to get them to look the way they used to. I'm kinda...ish okay with the way they are now, but I still want to correct some points. :sad:

1) Would it be possible to lift the eye crease and little more at point 1 and lower it at point 2, similar to how they were in the past?
2) For some reason my eyelid is super puffy. This bothers me an incredible amount -- is there any way to thin this part out to the way they used to be?

Would plexr help in any way? The only downside is that I want to keep my hooded eyes.

Thank you so much all! This forum (and every single one of you) is absolutely amazing!

PS - I didn't get epicanthoplasty -- if it looks like that it's because I got a semitemporary tattoo at the corner of my inner eye!