Revision Eyelid Surgery experience at Teuim

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  1. #1 Mar 16, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
    Hi everyone! I will share my revision eyelid surgery with Dr Kwon with you guys. So I just got it done yesterday after a second consultation(I consulted Dr.Kwon once last week). I did revison ptosis correction, revision double eyelid and epicanthoplasty. My eyes are not balanced and I told Dr Kwon to please do his best to make it balanced and I showed him a picture of bigbang's TOP(Told him I wanted horizontal eyes like his because mine is kinda slanted up). Anyways Dr Kwon was super friendly and he told me he will try. I did the surgery at about 6:30pm(They were about to go home but decided to stay and do my surgery because they were fully booked for the rest of the week and I have to fly off next week). So went in to the surgery room and the nurses tied me up and put something over my head which covers everything and only exposes my head. They used a towel to make something like a turban where my hair is not all over the place. Ok moving on. I think they gave me some kind of anesthesia and I swear I was HIGH. I had the weirdest "dreams" EVER.(Weird stuffs, colors flashing, PANDAS?!(Animated ones) I think because I was watching kung fu panda 1, 2, 3 back at the hotel previously) Ok so I woke up and I thought the surgery is over, and Dr.Kwon came in and I heard his voice, I asked him if the surgery was over. And he said: Oh no, we are just about to start. (FCUK. ME.) So during the surgery the nurses kinda applied alot of pressure on my nose pushing it to the side for the epicanthoplasty and I kept repeating:"Please be gentle on the nose"(I had rhinoplasty last year(which was also not satisfactory. Anyways moving on..) so after a while the epicanthoplasty is done and they stopped pushing my nose bridge and I'm pretty relieved. After the epicanthoplasty I didn't know what surgery Dr.Kwon was performing already. He was humming to the sound playing on the radio and just doing his work, halfway through he told me he will give me more anesthesia and injected it into my eyes and told me we will have a break for 5 minutes. So afterwards he came back and finished the surgery and throughout the surgery he told me to open/close my eyes and the final part he told me to do it again twice and then he said:Ok it's done. I asked him if it was good and he said yes(I REALLY HOPE IT IS GOOD!) I told him I love him and said sarangheyo, he laughed , said thank you and left the surgery room, then come the nurses to tape my eyes. We were having some weird conversation as they couldn't understand alot of english, but we kinda talked about bigbang, g dragon, top and etc etc.After taping my eyes the nurses helped me to my room and i got changed and went out to the lobby of teuim. One of the pretty receptionists(everyone is pretty there even the nurse) went down with me to get a taxi for me. So right after the surgery it hurts pretty bad, got back to my hotel and took the medications teuim gave me and slept till today. Went back to teuim after lunch to remove the tape on my eyes and the nurse cleaned my eyes for me, saw doctor kwon again and he asked me how I was doing, I told him I'm good. After awhile 1 receptionist told me to follow her and we went to see doctor kwon again. He told me to open wide/close and said good and told me to apply ice pack to my eyes.. After that we left his room and he went to prepare for his next surgery. My next appointment is on next monday to remove the stitches. I hope this helps. Any questions do feel free to ask me:smile:
  2. Omg you were talking about Bigbang even in your sleep, what a fanboy haha:P

    I love your reviews!! Thank you for sharing, please keep us updated and tell us if you like the result:smile:
  3. Ya, my friend too was dreaming of animated cartoons and worst of all they were speaking Korean or a language she didn't know before she was woken up for the surgery. And she did not watch any cartoons before.
  4. Nooo I was awake when talkinga about bigbang:smile: Yes I will continue to update ^^
  5. Haha it was crazy and i woke up like: "wow crazy, hur hur"
  6. I heard ptosis correction painful. is it? Do you feel something??
  7. My friend had no pain....but someone else had a bit of pain like tugging a few years after op.
  8. Hi chewfishoils , i also did my eyelid revision and fat graft at Teuim 1 Month ago :smile: i had Too had a very Weird experience with the sedation , very crazy kind of claustrofobic feeling , Like i constantly had to remind myself i was still a Living human being not just a vegetable LOL :biggrin:
    When in did sedation for my nose revision at Unique i had a total different experience . Very comfortable, cant remember anthing from The surgery . I guess its different from clinic to clinic .
  9. Please keep on updating. Are you satisfied with the surgery? Also, what made you decide on Teuim? Thanks :smile:
  10. Hi, it was pretty painful at first until they gave me more anesthesia shots for the surgery. I didn't know what was going on, but according to my first experience with eyelid surgery, ptosis correction doesn't hurt :smile: I think the epicanthoplasty hurts the most as the nurse was really trying to break my nose(turning it to the side with massive force for doctor kwon to do the epicanthoplasty(I know it was epicanthoplasty as doctor was cutting the inner corner of the eyes.)
  11. I think the price is pretty ok it was about 4.5-5million KRW for revision, I think it will be cheaper if you are doing primary surgery. I stayed at Hotel PJ for 15 days
  12. Yea it was real crazy. I MEAN REAL CRAZY. I kept asking myself: "Am I dead? Breathe breathe! Nah, if I can still think about this i'm not dead." And then going into another dimension of crazy stuff haha
  13. Hi yes I am pretty satisfied with the surgery as my primary surgery turned out pretty bad, my left eye droops and both eyes are not aligned on a horizontal level(It was bad ptosis as Dr Kwon pointed out.) So it is now fixed and both eyes are horizontal and not very slanted as I also did epicanthoplasty. But then again, I am only like 10 days post op so I cannot really tell how the final result will be and how satisfied I am. But as for now I can already see the improvements made to my eyes and I am happy. I will keep updating :smile:
  14. I am sorry guys I didn't get any notifications from this thread as I realized that no one quoted me here so I didn't get any notifications. Please quote me with your questions so I can get notified and answer you. Sorry for losing touch on this thread guys. I will keep updating
  15. Hi sorry I forget to mention why I decided on teuim, I saw their before after pictures and it's the best i've seen. And also I checked this forum and saw alot of good reviews on teuim. That is why I chose teuim :smile: