Revision Double Eyelid Surgery - Need HELP and advice


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Oct 6, 2020
Hi all, I'm new to this forum but I'm desperately searching for any advice/help. Here's my story: In 2016 I underwent a full incisional double eyelid surgery in the US (Chicago) I'm half Korean and half white btw. I already had small double lids but had asymmetry in one eyelid (one eyelid bigger than the other). I wanted to correct the smaller eyelid so it would be even with the other. When I consulted with the doctor, he told me he would have to perform surgery on both eyes to make them even. The result was BAD. My eyelid creases were HUGE, way bigger than original. I'm extremely devastated, I feel like I don't even look Korean anymore. I have been searching the internet for revision options ever since. I'm looking for results similar to Jing Tian, who recently said she had to have restorative surgery for a previous failed procedure, her results look great and it looks like they were able to lower her crease without removing anymore skin. I really need a revision that can lower the crease without removing anymore skin/fat. I'll put a picture of the results I'm trying to achieve. It seems like this type of surgery is very difficult and many surgeons don't know how to do it properly. Does anyone know of any surgeons in the US or Korea who perform this type of revision? I'm seriously getting extremely desperate and I don't know what to do - Please help sdfghj.jpg


Aug 16, 2020
Jing Tian had non incisional first so it was easy to revise. You're better off going to Korea for revision, imo