Revising an ebay listing ?

  1. Hi would anyone know why eBay would not allow me to revise a listing ? I just tried to change a gallery photo in a listing posted last night. I'm confusted:confused1: I thought changing a gallery photo was allowed but maybe not. Thanks for any help/advice you can give me:yes:
  2. Are you 12 hours or less away from the end of the auction-if so, you can't change anything, you can't even post a reply to a question-that would be my first thought-
  3. pugsonpurses- no I just listed it last night- when I was looking at the listing this morning I liked another photo better for the gallery-It's probably just me and wouln't make any difference in the listing but I thought I could make the change:confused1:
  4. Is it for an LV or other high end purse? Some accounts have very small limits on the number of auctions that you can post. eBay counts any revision that you made as an auction. The limits are for 1 week, but by that time your auction will probably have ended.

    You may have reached your limit?
  5. do you have bids? otherwise go to pics and description and then you can take out the gallery and add the new one. it should be ok
  6. Colleen & Heather-Appreciate the info.
    There is a "best offer" on it now, but not when I tried to change the gallery picture. I just tried again and got a message that I can only list so many items in a 7 day period- which is what Colleen mentioned- I wasn't trying to sell another item, just edit an existing listing. I'll just keep it the way it is-I guess eBay considers an edit to an item as a new listing.
  7. you can also go in and change the number of days (shorten) the listing and then re do the pix
    but as someone said above you should be ok to go to pictures and revise......
  8. This is certainly not where I intended to make my first post, but I wanted to help really quickly. I'm a seller on eBay and was just reviewing a new policy that they have instituted that bans extending our auctions. We can no longer extend, say, a 5 day auction to a 7 day auction, or I assume even a 10 day auction. This probably applies to shortening the duration, as well. They now officially consider it fee circumvention.

    As for your not being able to do a revision, if you have reached your limit in a certain category (such as for designer bags, etc.), they will not allow some even simple revisions, as they consider the change a "relist" and that would exceed your already-reached limit.

    This is a hit-and-miss answer, as I've seen this hold true in some cases and not others, but I hope it helps. All of this "limitations" stuff is new to me, too. I'm a Silver PowerSeller and hit a limit the other night. Fortunately, they lifted my limit by the next morning after I sent a couple of emails, but it was still quite a hassle.

    BTW, I love this forum and plan on posting an introduction very soon, as well as getting involved in some of these fun discussions. So glad I've found ya'll!
  9. that is some serious ingformation jonas! welcome to the forum and thanks for the info. ebay does not surprise me anymore. the worse the worst.
  10. sorry for the spelling errors. my hands go too fast for my brain to catch the mistakes sometimes!