Revised: Can Excursion Mono be used as a handbag?

  1. Reposting my previous thread with this question. Any thoughts on using this shoe bag as a handbag? Can I pull it off or would I look stupid? I guess the bucket bag was designed to carry wine bottles right? Thanks guys!!! :drool:
  2. My Bf just bought this bag for himself to use as an everyday bag I ladies handbag I don't know but it can def be a man bag
  3. :yes: Yes, i saw alot ppl using it as a handbag now.
  4. Yeah, I also think it can be used this way for sure!
  5. i have one!
    i use it as a gym bag sometimes ;>
    i have only used it to bring a lot of stuff to work, or on trips. not just as a regular handbag, although i would if i didn't already have so many bags that i just love to carry as handbags!
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