Reviews on Tory burch Robinson - saffiano double zip tote

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  1. I just purchased this purse and used it for the first time today, when I got home I noticed to scratches on the leather. Is that normal? Has anyone had a similar experience ? I do not toss my bags around
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  4. I've not encountered any scratches on mine but I remember when I purchased it I was shown 4 or 5 as they all had minor scratches or dents. I'd recommend sending it in for repair or asking if they can swap it out for a new one. I may need to send mine in as it's got a couple loose threads.
  5. My boyfriend purchased me the Robinson for Christmas 2012. The quality of this bag is amazing. I seem to reach for this bag more than any of my other designer ones, LV, Prada, Chanel, etc. I use it for work to. I have had this bag for almost four years and now I am starting to notice the wear and tear on it. It was bound to happen, I have used it SO much. Work bag, travel bag, shopping bag, weekends away, etc. I am in the market to purchase a new bag now, for work mostly. I don't feel to comfortable taking my high-end bags to work. The only problem is I know that the quality of TB bags must have gone down. Companies do this, I got this bag in 2012! The Robinson double zip has totally been re-vamped too! I am considering the York Tote or the Perry Tote.

    Anyways, I would just be scared of the quality issue.

    Hope this helps.

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  7. How do you organize your bag? There are so many compartments in the double zip! It's stresses me out bc I just got one haha
  8. My phone and tablet go on the side zips along with any important papers. My wallet, keys, sunglasses, makeup pouch and anything else go in the centre/main compartment.
  9. Thank you! Also... I've never owned a saffiano bag before and it's SOOO stiff! Will I get used to that? Haha I love my bag it's just a little hard to get used to. I'm worried since I got it from an outlet that it's extra stiff! Haha I think I'm just used to leather bags.
  10. Saffiano is designed to retain its shape. You don't want it to sag because then it will look sloppy. It will get softer with use but will still retain the shape.
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