Reviews on Pout Cosmetics?

  1. Hi, has anyone used Pout eyeshadows? I just wanted to know the quality of them like coverage, pigments, staying power etc before buying it. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated :p
  2. I'm not a fan of Pout. I find their packaging beautiful, but their quality to be average.
    I do own a duo eyeshadow though and find that the quality and pigments of them aren't too bad. So if you like their shadows, I say go for it! :smile:
    They're Pout Plump lipgloss is pretty good too.
  3. I agree with Chanel Princess. There would be other brands I would choose over Pout for eyeshadows...Nars or Shu for example. I do love their packaging though!
  4. Im surprised about that, I thought it was a very popular brand. That being said i had tried their lipgloss, and even though the color was lovely - it was not something to be worn in warm weather as it literally melted all over my face. I have never tried their eyeshadows.
  5. I LOVE Pout. I have a palette with 3 eyeshadows, a cream blush and 2 lip glosses. All of the colors are gorgeous. I usually wear Revlon eyeshadow and the quality is comparable I guess. It's good quality, but nothing amazing. The glosses are amazing though-- perfect texture and color!

    I also have cream blush compact and a thing with liquid liner on one end and mascara on the other. The blush is great, the liner is good, the mascara I didn't like. I keep going back to Pout because I love the packaging and their colors always look good on me.
  6. their stuff is very mediocre - don't waste your money
  7. Thanks so much for the comments. I know nothing about the brand so this is very helpful.

    So Nars eyeshadows are the one of the best?? Ive only tried one of their blushes and one lipgloss.
  8. NARS or MAC. The MAC Matte2 eyeshadows are TDF!!!
  9. IMO NARS is the best eyeshadow, for mw it creases the least, I have combination/oily skin and it stays on the best...chanels are also nice
  10. The only thing I like from them is their mascara thats perfect for doing your lower lashes; the brush is small and it stays on all day. Plus its cute! :p I wish they werent closing. Looks like Ill have to get some more in December!
  11. I actually like Pout e/s. But I think their blushes are the best!
  12. Hm, interesting that they are closing shop. I like their packaging but stopped buying their products because their quality seemed average, as others have said. I think other people started losing interest as well because their counter space at my local Holt's got smaller and smaller.