Reviews of my two new bags! Come on in!

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  1. My Gryson Olivia arrived last night. I can't tell you how happy I am with this bag. The workmanship, quality, and attention to detail is just incredible.
    No flimsy zippers and polyester lining here; this baby has awesome hardware and is suede lined down to the last nook and cranny. Even my husband commented about it! The color is "Military", which is a drab olive-brown shade (really depends on light) that is just gorgeous. I am officially a fan! Joy Gryson must be a genius.
    My first Christmas bag arrived two days ago (couldn't have timed it better): the Ellen Tracy lambskin tote that Neiman Marcus FINALLY came through on. The bag has the softest leather ever, it is almost silky. Even the handles are squishy and wonderful, and it has several well situated interior pockets for your small items. It may be sold out at NM but I think it's still available at Bloomingdales.
    These bags get two big thumbs up! :yes:
  2. Pictures!! Pictures!! We want pictures!!!!

    gregsgirl :heart:
  3. The Ellen Tracy bags always look great in photos; glad to hear you like yours IRL. I've got to check out the Gryson--I appreciate attention to details and it sounds like that bag gets an A+. Congrats on your new bags!:flowers:
  4. yes! please took pictures! i :heart: gryson bag!
  5. I've noticed the Ellen Tracy lambskin tote on Nm lately and looked like a beautiful I know it is so. Would love to see a pic of the Gryson, too. Congrats on your "new additions".
  6. congrats.. pictures???
  7. Yes, congrats! (And I echo the picture sentiment... Would love to see you w. your bags.)

    Also, I don't know if its meant to be worn this way, but is the strap long enough to wear the Olivia messenger style?
  8. Congrats. Don't you just love the inner lining of the Gryson that is almost as good as the outer bag? That bag is the Bomb. I got the Skye though because I thought the Olivia would be too big.
    I am getting 2 bags in the Spring. One will be a Spring Kooba but I am thinking I need another Gryson worse than a Hayden Harnett. The craftmanship on the Gryson can't be beat.
  9. Congrats! Woud love to see pics of your Ellen Tracy bag, since she's one designer who's not talked about much on here.
  10. Wow, the Gryson is gorgeous! :nuts: And I'd love to see the Ellen Tracy pictures. Congrats on the beautiful bags!
  11. Ellen Tracy

  12. They sound like great bags! :yes:

    Which color of the Ellen Tracy did you get, the black or the brown?
  13. Stunning!!!

  14. The dark brown. Love the bags. I'm so smitten, I haven't looked at other bags since I got them!