Reviews of Bbags with GH here!

  1. Please review how the bags with GH wear, do they catch on anything, how does the city or parttime size wear, esp. with those giant thingies on the back of the bag, I would be kind of worried that it would catch on clothing or rub against the skin. Interested to know how the brief works out for people too.
  2. Hi!

    I have a Black City that I have been carrying everyday for two weeks. It wears very, very well. It has never caught on anything at all. I even use the strap and when the bag is next to my body you can't tell that it has large hardware on it.

    I really am so in love with it! It is just like carrying a regular bag except I get a million compliments on it!

  3. ^^DITTO! It's insane how much I love mine. :love:
  4. Whatcha got? And how does it wear? Do you get compliments? :smile: We want to know everything LOL~
  5. I have a black city w/gh and love it to bits. Am in the process of ordering a natural city w/gh from LVR - the ONLY place I could find one! (Thanks, Glimmer! :heart: ) The gh is addicting - I am thinking i need a day w/gh as well! :yes:
  6. Oh, I have the City in Natural (in my avatar). Actually, the only female who has seen my bag is my mother and she went nuts over it. I can't decide if that's a good thing or not because she's not a fan of my other b-bags! It is a tad bit heavier than my normal Cities but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. The leather is FABULOUS. I seriously cannot stop looking at the bag and I love carrying it. Most people think the GH overwhelms the smaller bags but I think it's completely and totally perfect.
  7. Oh yay, Luxe! I hope your experience with LVR goes well. I ordered a bag last year from them and had no problems. You are going to LOOOOOOOOVE this color! Pics just do it NO justice.
  8. ^^^^^:yes: ^^^^

    The GH is addicting! I have 3! :nuts:
  9. Jewel! What else ya got???? :yahoo:

    edit: I just saw you have the Vermillion and green too. PICS, woman!
  10. addition to the Black City I have a Vermillion GH City and a Vert Gazon GH Day.... :heart: :love:
  11. I have pictures but everytime I try to attach them I get a message that says the pictures are too large. I don't know how to change them.

  12. If you have Windows XP you should have Paint (Start > Accessories > Paint). Open the pic and go to Image > Attributes and adjust the size. Save and try again!

  13. Haha! It's a good thing, that means she likes it a lot :smile: My mom went nuts over my LV Rivets bag, wanna see her reaction to my GH pt. I don't think that GH overwhelms the city at all, but I only saw city in pics, not IRL.
  14. Yesss, picS!!!
  15. I took this pic from the Messenger thread but look at these GH beauties...