Reviews for Anna Corinna Metal City Tote?

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  1. Hi! I really like the size and design of the AC metal city tote but didn't examine it very closely when I saw it in a store several months ago. It's now on sale at Max& for $360.00, which is a really good price if the bag is of decent quality and construction. Anybody know this bag and have an opinion? Thanks (and happy new year!)
  2. Hi donnadonna - the newer AC city totes are much better than the older (2006/mid-2007) ones. The construction and materials are better and the hardware is now a nice, sturdy metal. I had two older city totes with very raw edges that shed everywhere until the bag was worn in and the clips on the shoulder straps are pretty cheap (in look and feel). My newer one has finished edges and looks more polished/higher quality.

    I think the metal totes were the beginning of the better quality product, so if you love it, $360 is a good deal!
  3. Thanks so much! Guess I'll give it a try...

    Have a great evening!
  4. I LOVE my Metal City. I take it with me a lot because it can be worn for different kinds of outfits. I like it if I am going "boho chic" or if I'm going to the mall or even if I am kind of dressed up. Granted it is a HUGE bag so it is definitely not for evening - but it has so many uses I'm still amazed by it!
  5. I dont have a metal city tote but I have one in gunmetal, black, and platinum and I love them all dearly! I have to agree that the newer ones are a lot better constructed with better materials than the former and the price is a great deal for the metals which are actually pretty hard to find now=)
  6. Thanks for all of your input! Just ordered it and am sure I'll love it!
  7. Hooray! Please post some pics when it you've got me thinking about them too. :p

    Also, forgot to mention earlier that the double handles on the metal city are slightly longer than the regular (at least my old one) so it fits nicely on the shoulder as opposed to tucking right into your armpit.
  8. Don't laugh please...I have a question...What is "metal" referring to? I thought it was the color? I just bought a bronze metal from revolve for $235 after code.
  9. The metal refers to the contrasting "metallic" color on the handles and around the zipper. The bag is the same size as the city tote but the handles give more room to go on the shoulder comfortably and the strap is longer so it hangs lower on the body or can easily be a cross-body. Hope this helps!
  10. ^ Thanks for clearing that up for me!
  11. I just ordered the bronze metal large one from Revolve today. I think it will be a fun knock around bag. I feel if I love it I can save and get one in another color for spring.
  12. I get compliments on mine every single time I use it. Had it since August and still LOVE it.
  13. I just purchased one from Kate Boutique for $272. and I am VERY satisfied with the bag and the color. It's just perfect, and I'm glad I bought it.
  14. I got a mini Bronze from Revolve too and I just love it! I dragged it out during a horrid snowstorm and it held up beautifully. It's going to be a favorite bag, I can tell! :okay:
  15. hmmm..
    saw the one on sale @ revolve.. is the bronze too shiny you think?
    i've been wanting an AC tote for a while now..