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  1. I bet it would. I was astounded by how well it worked. She still had a little peeling there, so she put it on top of Vaseline and it still looked good!
  2. For this thread we need those little stickers that are in Lucky magazine! You know, the tabs that say "must have" etc that you stick to the pages instead of dog-earing everywhere! Then we could flag stuff we absolutely MUST TRY!

  3. Ooh! Me, Me! I did!

    Product name/shade: DiorKiss Lip Gloss in Pink Marshmellow (number 168)

    Review: It's a sheer pinky nude shade, on me anyway and is exactly what I was looking for! It comes in a tube (no applicator) and I did oversqueeze the first time. LOL. It's not too sticky and seems to have relatively good staying power. When it's gone my lips feel well conditioned. I have chronic chapped lips and sometimes even chapstick makes them peel...go figure. The one thing I am not sure I like is the smell. It smells like roses to me and while I usually love that smell, I'm not so sure I want it on my lips. It also doesn't taste that great (tastes like the smell), but then again, maybe this will break me of my lip-licking habit.

    Price: $19.00

    Will purchase again: Probably

    Where to find it: Sephora
  4. Product name/shade: Nars Blush in Amour

    Review: This is great daytime alternative to their hit color 'orgasm'. It is essentually the same shade with zero shimmer so it looks more natural to me in stark daylight. It is a peachy pink as described.

    Price: $25.00
    Will purchase again: YES!

    Where to find it:
    Sephora, NARS, and others.
  5. Product name/shade: Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Lip Shine in Brandy

    Review: I really like this for daywear. It has a shimmer that you can't see from the color example, and clolor is closer to the actual color of brandy. It's semi sheer & moisturizing. Doesn't dry out my lips, doesn't feather or require lipliner to look good to it's easy to wear & gives you spf protection.

    Price: $19.00
    Will purchase again: Absolutely
    Where to find it: Saks, bobbi brown web site & others
  6. Product name/shade: Benefit She Laq

    Review: This product is supposed to keep the makeup on your face from fading... can use it on your eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, brow. I found that it works in some places and not on others. It did help to keep my brow pencil and eyeliner in place, but not my mascara or lipstick. I like it because it isn't shiny or sticky or anything... after you put it on and let it dry it feels completely natural.

    It comes with a variety of brushes for you to use on different areas of your face.

    Price: $28

    Will purchase again: Yes, I hate smudged eyeliner and this definitely helps keep it in place!!

    Where to find it:,
  7. Product name/shade: Benefit Badgal Blue

    Review: I'm neutral on this mascara. It did thicken my lashes quite a bit and definitely helped curl them without even having to use an eyelash curler. However, the main premise of this mascara is that the navy blue shade will help brighten your eyes... and it just looks black to me. Only in direct sunlight or really bright areas (like makeup counters) do you even notice the hint of navy. I also use Diorshow in blue, and I like that one much better.

    As a regular mascara it's great, if you're looking for the pop of colour... i'd move on.

    Price: $19

    Will purchase again: As a regular mascara, yes.

    Where to find it:,
  8. Product name/shade: Guerlain Ultra Mat Foundation

    Review: I have never been able to find a foundation with perfect coverage that looked natural, until this one. Kind of gives the look of those Clinique girls with their flawless skin, but definitely more natural and less like you're wearing a face full of foundation. it smells great, and feels really nice and light and smooth. It also stays on really well.

    Price: I believe it was around $60

    Will purchase again: Definitely

    Where to find it: Department stores
  9. Product name/shade: Bourjois 3D Effet Mobile

    Review: I have this product in Brun Galactic. The color, shine, and consistency are great. The color shows up and it has a nice multidimensional shimmer effect to it (thus, the 3D Effet name). The gloss is also very high shine. You don't need a lot to make your mouth pop. The consistency is perfect. It's not goopy or sticky like some other glosses. It also doesn't make my lips feel dried out after lenghty wear. If that isn't reason enough to buy it, the ability to attach this mini version to your cell phone is another reason. It give me my gloss right at my fingertips when I need a quick touchup. No more digging in my purse for it. I grab my phone and there it is! Very convenient!

    Price: $9

    Will purchase again: YES!

    Where to find it:,, and Sephora and Ulta stores. Ulta and also has exlusive mini lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeshadows.
  10. Product name/shade: Garnier Fructis Style Soft Curl Cream

    Review: This stuff is terrific! I have coarse, naturally curly hair that gets very frizzy. This creams gives me great hold without feeling hard or sticky. My curls are shapely, controlled, and not frizzy. It really makes my curls pop! Plus, it smells absolutely delicious! It's easy to apply: just a little dab rubbed between the palms will do. You can even use it on dry hair. I get the best results if I take a tiny fingerful, rub it between my palms, and just scrunch my damp hair gently. I let it air dry. This is great for those with coarse, curly hair that want the convenience of "wash and go" style.

    Price: ~$3

    Will purchase again: Yes! This stuff rocks for curly hair!

    Where to find it: You could probably find it at drugstores or discount stores, but so far I have only seen it at Ulta in my area.
  11. Product name/shade: Remington Smooth & Silky Epilator

    Review: I was getting sick and tired of shaving, so I decided to give this a try. I have to say I am most pleased. I won't lie; there is some stinging, but overall the experience wasn't as uncomfortable as I imagined. I highly recommend doing it after a nice, hot shower. Your hairs will be softer and will come out much easier. I also recommend doing it at night the first few times you do it, so that any redness will be gone by morning. Using a good quality, unscented lotion like Lubriderm afterwards will also soothe any redness. I used this on both my underarms and my legs, and it got rid of even the most stubborn hairs. It's also easy to clean and you can use it while it is plugged into the charger if you don't want to run down the battery. It takes about the same time as shaving, but it gets the job done so much better. Great product!

    Price: ~$30

    Will purchase again: I probably won't need to, but I would purchase another Remington hair removal product in the future.

    Where to find it: Drugstores, discount stores, beauty stores,
  12. Product name/shade: Nars powder blush in Orgasm

    This is like THE "it" blush... everyone loves it and the color is supposed to be universally flattering, soooo I finally decided to give it a try to see what all the fuss was about!

    The color is described as "peachy pink with a touch of shimmer." I've seen this look absolutely fantastic on certain skin tones, but on my light peach-toned skin this blush is nothing special! It's a bad color for me (would need to be more peach or more pink to be flattering), and it looks dry. I don't see the shimmer! Overall, I'm underwhelmed by it; I was expecting a holy grail blush and it just didn't live up to the hype for me :nogood:

    I'll probably be exchanging it for something else. Smashbox Soft Lights in Glow is a very similar color, but I think it's a MUCH better product better all-around!

    Price: $25 (which is at least $10 too much IMO!)

    Will purchase again:
    No way!

    Where to find it:

    Pics for comparison...

    Nars Orgasm

    Smashbox Soft Lights in Glow
  13. Has anyone used Guerlains issima perfect light smoothing illuminator, or YSL Touche Eclat (or better yet, both?)

    They both sound very intriguing to me, but don't know if they're worth it...
  14. Product name/shade: Shiseido -tinted moisture protection-SPF 20

    Review: I was running out of my Lancôme tinted moisturizer. And since I have olive skin I needed to find one with more yellow undertones than the plain beige.
    Shiseido has this new tinted moisturizer of "The skincare" line, now with SPF 20 !! very good as it´s difficult to find a TM with SPF.
    I picked the "medium" which has yellow undertones, It´s divine to apply and leaves my skin so smooth ! Very light coverage.

    Price: quite high

    Will purchase again: I might be, but I always need to try everything else.

    Where to find it: Department stores, Sephora, etc...
  15. Has anyone ever tried this? Hard Candy Sweet Cheeks blush? :heart:

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