Review: Zyogma Reduction + V-line at EU Dental Clinic


Oct 9, 2019
Hi all! I wanted to contribute to Purseforum as I've been lurking around here for 1-2 years and it's time I give back to the community!
Its been a week and a half since my procedure, so I am still swelling and cannot see the results yet, but for now, I can provide the "who, what, and why" and update you guys as time passes by! I will not be posting my consultation experience as I've been speaking with multiple hospitals in the past 3 years and don't exactly remember everything, but i do remember not moving forward with them. At the end, I was torn between Uvom, EU, and Everm, but decided to go with EU.

Procedure: Zygoma reduction and V-line
Clinic: EU Dental Clinic
Date: December 14, 2020

Intentions & Consultation
My intent of having surgery was to achieve a more symmetrical face with a balanced ratio. I found my (uneven) cheekbones were protruding due to the loss of baby fat because of aging. The bottom half of my face also felt heavy, giving me a more masculine appearance.

After extensive research, I decided to go with EU Dental in Seoul because of it's a small and reputable clinic that specialized in the oral and maxillofacial. I felt more confident having facial bone surgery with a doctor who has extensive knowledge in this field. The before and after photos from this clinic are also stunning, while the results are very natural and balanced.

I also found it a plus that the clinic takes care of you post operation for the first night, which was a lifesaver because I was alone during this trip. Upon arrival, I received overall hospitable and friendly vibes from the staff, specifically with my interaction with Kayla, and had an informative in-person consultation with Dr. Kim, famous for facial bone surgery. I did not hesitate to move forward with my decision.

Post operation
Day 1: The one thing i remember after waking up post operation was the feeling of my throat being extremely dry and uncomfortable, but everything else was okay. My face was not swelling as much with the pressure band off. I was able to drink water and drink nucare after 4 hours. Since i stayed overnight, the nurse came by every few hours to provide medicine, replace my icepack, and stopped by every time I pressed for help. I was able to sleep comfortably. She also provided me a heater since it was super cold. De-sweling treatment was done at around 6am.

Day 2: Discharged from hospital. Met with the doctor, he explained the surgery went well then proceeded to clean the sutures. Kayla helped me get medicine and extra nucare. I went home and did some work and walked around my airbnb.

Swelling was more apparent. Lips and nose were slightly bigger. Neck was very swollen. Bruising and what looks like bleeding on left eye. My throat felt uncomfortable and it was difficult to swallow or gulp water - probably the most uncomfortable thing about the surgery. The area around the neck, jaw, and chin still felt very numb and slightly tingly in pain, but not so bad.

Day 3-6: I ate my breakfast, medicine, and went for the de-swelling treatment. I try to walk around as much as I could, at least 2 hours a day. I took a shower at night, but did not wash my hair, being very careful not to get my incision wet and took the tape off my face.

Swelling was at its peak around day 3-4. Lips and nose were enlarged. Tape around face felt tighter. Neck is still swollen. Felt bruising under my eyes beneath the tape. My throat surprisingly felt better.
I noticed swelling goes down significantly after my de-swelling treatment, after around day 5-6. Sleeping at a 45 degree angle during this week was challenging, but I knew it was for the better.

Day 7: After a week, I went to the clinic to get my cheekbone sutures removed on the side of my hairline. Dr. Kim also disinfected sutures inside of my mouth. I've received feedback saying I've been de-swelling pretty quickly.

My face doesn't feel so tight as it did before. The cheekbone, jaw, and chin area still felt numb and parts of my face was still yellow from bruising, but overall, I felt pretty good about how I'm recovering.

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Will provide another update in a week! Let me know if you have any questions :smile: