Review your Sephora F&F purchases here!

  1. Since today is the last day of the F&F period, I know most of our ladies have received at least one of their orders already, and I thought it would be fun to post mini reviews of products that you tried for the first time from the sale! I'm still waiting on my third (*FAINTS*) shipment, but I've tried some AMAZING products so far (and a couple I didn't like all that much), so I wanted to share!

    1. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eyeliner pencils. I got the collection of 5 or 6 (I don't remember at the moment and I'm at the Toyota dealership getting my oil changed so I can't look!) and the only color I haven't tried yet is the bronze. They go on very smooth, have a lot of pigment, and the texture is wonderful. Buying the set also gave me the opportunity to try the silver color, which I would have NEVER thought to buy on my own, but it's a very light silver so it looks AMAZING if you use it to line your lower lids. It makes my eyes look so bright and open, but since it's the perfect color silver, it doesn't LOOK like my eyes are lined in silver, if that makes any sense. It's subtle, but the effect is significant. I've already ordered a full size one from Sephora for when the mini runs out.

    2. Make Up For Ever Lift concealer. It feels very thin, almost kind of watery, for a concealer but it has great coverage, DOES NOT settle into the crease under my eyes, and keeps by dark circles hidden all day; all I have to do is set it with a touch of loose powder. Also covers the blackheads and large pores on my nose. Does a much better job that YSL Touche Eclat, which is what I HAD been using, and is supposed to be a miracle product. Several people at work (even several guys) have commented that I look great in the couple days that I've worn it.

    I've got the MUFE primer on the way (I'm so freakin' impressed with this brand so far) and the Ojon dry shampoo (amazing reviews on MUA, way better than the Oscar Blandi), so I'm really excited to try these and will report back!


    1. Dior HydrAction Radical Moisturizing Serum: I had a DiorShow makeup artist (one of the ones that travels around) use this line on me and my skin felt AMAZING afterwards - I bought the moisturizer then, and ordered this serum from Sephora. The only thing he used that i haven't bought is the makeup remover, and i can't imagine that would make that big of a difference. Still, this stuff leaves my skin feeling fairly dry, unless I pile it on, and then I'm oily by morning. This was $67, and the moisturizer (which I'm going through REALLY fast) was $42, and neither was worth the money. I don't know what he did differently. My Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer and cleansing pads work a lot better than this stuff, and they're less than $15 apiece! I'll probably use this up because I paid so much for it, but then it's back to Aveeno.

    2. GHD Heat Protectant for Weak or Damaged Hair. Like all the heat protectants I've tried, it's sticky. I don't know why heat protectant has to be sticky. It works about as well as the Matrix I had been using (and I'm not convinced that either makes a difference since all of my normal products have a heat protectant in them anyway), and it smells wonderful, but I just don't think it's all that awesome. It's the only GHD product I've tried that I haven't absolutely adored.

    I'll report back when I get my other goodies!
  2. Isn't their concealer just freaking awesome!!! Never had anything like it!! I was flipping through the channels one day and they had sephora on HSN and put the concealer on an older and younger model, I knew i was hooked, went to sephora the next day! I just bought some for my mom, I can't wait to give it to her! I've been wanting to try their eyeliner, and I think you just convinced me!!
  3. i bought too much to review, lol and a lot of stuff i bought are stuff i've used over and over again. All i have to say though is... T3 Evolution hair dryer & duality iron rocks! i'll never have a bad hair day again!
  4. I've bought way too many things, and most of the stuff I bought I was just stocking up on, lol. One thing I really LOVE that stood out from the rest of my purchases was GHD's Fat Hair Lotion (thanks, amanda!). My hair doesn't have any volume whatsoever, but this stuff is great! It gives me added volume, and leaves my hair looking & feeling great. Definitely recommend it!
  5. Amanda, I've been looking at the MUFE Lift concealer for about a month now, but I'm stumped about what shade to choose...I usually don't do well choosing foundation/powder/concealer shades did you choose? Obviously you choose the correct shade since you love the product! :tup:
  6. 1. Juice Beauty Green Apple Nutrient Mask: I love Juice Beauty! I've used this a few times so far, but my face appears smooth and my complexion looked even after using this. I imagine this is better for long-term results, but I am pleased with it so far!

    2. Valentino Rock 'n' Rose (gift)
    : This purchase was as a gift, but I've used a sample of this perfume and it is one of my favorites... I am putting it on my wish list!

    3. Per-fekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel in Radiant: I got this as a free sample, but I love it! It is somewhat of a primer/tinted gel/lotion. I loved the texture and it goes on so smoothly and soft, and made my skin look even. It was also very light. It goes for about $57.00. I wish I could buy it but I could not justify paying that much for it.

    4. Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer: This was my beauty insider deluxe sample. I used it on my cheeks and brow bones and it gave a soft, natural looking shimmer with gold flecks. I like this a lot, it really brightened up my face! Not something I would have ever thought to purchase, but maybe sometime in the future. It stays put, too, because it is a liquid. I couldn't even feel it on, either. I only needed a tiny bit to create an effect.

    5. Blinc Kiss Me Mascara: This is a "tube" mascara and it will not budge through wind, rain, tears, or even in the ocean (as long as you don't rub it much). I wore this at the beach in Mexico last year and this is my second time purchasing it. The way you remove it is gently with warm water and very light pressure with your fingertips. This is pretty good, but I am also considering trying Fiberwig Mascara to see how the two compare.

    6. Ojon Ultra Hydrating Conditioner: I bought this in-store. I am so far amazed with the results! I have curly hair so I can't use just anything on it. This is the best conditioner I've used. My hair is already shinier and much softer. I would definitely buy this again.

    7. Bliss Naked Body Butter: This was a free deluxe sample size I got for my birthday. It is completely unscented. It was nice and thick and I liked the texture, and it moisturized well, but I do not feel that it moisturized any better than some other lotions I've tried. It is good if you are looking for something gentle and fragrance free.

    That's all for now!
  7. Amanda, I agree about the GHD Thermal Spray. The reviews were exemplary so I thought I must be doing something wrong, but I think I'm like you, it's just not right for ME.

    LOVE my:
    [​IMG] T3 Bespoke Labs Featherweight Dryer
    Item # 980003

    TOTALLY cuts down on dry time. I have VERY thick and way hair, it's also very long, at least the middle of my back. This cut probably close to 15 mintues off my drying time and it cut way down on the poufiness my regular dryer bestowed on my melon :biggrin:

    [​IMG] Smashbox Master's Class Expert Eyes Set ($174 Value) - Master's Class Expert Eyes Set
    Item # 1011600

    loved it all except the mascara, but that's fine as I wasn't buying this for the mascara anyhow. Haven't felt the need to watch the demonstration, the quick tips on the enclosed card were enough, LOVE it!

    [​IMG] ghd NEW ghd styler - ghd styler 1"
    Item # 1004134

    LUH-HUV this!!!!
    It's nothng short of a miracle :biggrin:
    Scary story, went to OKC for the weekend for a birthday party and left this on my hotel vanity!:shocked:
    Called immediately of course but no one is ever available to look until the next day when things like this happen:rolleyes:
    I lied and told htem it had sentimental; value, was a gift because I wanted them to KNOW I HAD to get it back but was afraid if I told them the truth, that it was a close to $300 straightener! they'd keep it!
    Long story short, it was Fed Exd and received by me today, swear I nearly hugged the little thing! LOL!
    This is a MUST HAVE.
  8. GHD(245 version): Great and works quick! This is my first actual flat iron as I already have straight hair and didn't want to deal with the hassle but it heats up in no time and takes less then 5 minutes. Def love this. Now I wish I had ordered the fat lotion.

    Stila Kitten: was ok. nothing great. Good highlighter but I have other highlighters similiar that cost alot less! And didn't make you pay for packaging.

    Aqualina: Ok. Is a sweet scent I guess for days I want to smell sweet. I actually got the daisy sample and I love that soo much more. More floral and complex. Pink sugar just smells sweet.

    Nars orgasm set with lipgloss and also the bronzer: Love this set

    I know I ordered more but I can't remember! I know the ojon treatment stuff I got as a sample smelled HORRENDOUS though. Horrible. I really like the grapefruit scented bodywash.
  9. Benefit Powder Pop:


    This is a LITTLE palette with Dandelion, Hoola and Dallas powders. Note the emphasis on the word LITTLE. The powders are wonderful and they look fabulous on me, but I can't help but feel ripped off. It was $30 for 0.3 ounces of makeup. That means I paid $10 for 1/10 of an ounce of each color, whereas the regular versions of these powders are $2 cheaper and give you more product. The thing is so tiny, you can't even get a brush into it. To give you an idea, that little brush is only about an inch wide :sad:

    Sephora Brand Travel Set:
    Again, all the containers were smaller than I expected, but this is good because of the 3 oz restriction airlines now have. It comes with seven various containers, 2 spatulas and a funnel for filling, labels, and a cosmetic bag. At $18 I feel like it was a pretty good deal. I know it will come in handy...

    Bourjois Mascara for Every Occasion Set:
    Comes with one tube of Volume Glamour Ultra Black and one tube of Yes to Volume. These are my two favorite mascaras, and you save about $6 by buying them in the set, plus there was the code, so I think it was a great deal!

    The Yes to Volume mascara has a lash comb instead of a brush, which I love. It keeps lashes separated and allows you to get pretty close to the root. The Volume Glamour Ultra Black is my HOLY GRAIL mascara. I used to use the regular black, before this super pigmented version came out. It produces similar effects as Dior Show IMO, but it irritates my eyes less and costs half as much! :tup:

    I also bought Sephora brand brush cleansing wipes, but I haven't used them yet......
  10. I got the GHD iron and the Straightening Balm. I like both. It took me half the time to do my hair. I am going to try the Straightening Balm with my other flat iron and see if I get the same results. If I do, I am returning the GHD.
  11. Will Sephora take back a 'used' GHD iron?
  12. RAVES:

    CoverFX Powder Foundation: So good, and so natural. I used to use bare escentuals and this totally outdoes it by far. You could tell I was wearing minerals with bare escentuals, but with this it's so much less noticeable (not even at all)...

    Too Faced Lash Injection: This mascara is sooooooo good. I go this after I returned my Imju Fiberwig. I'll get to that later. But, this mascara is lengthening and volumizing-- and ladies I'm not lying!!


    Bo-oing Undereye Concealer: I have bought sosososo many concealers for under my eyes. This worked well for like the first couple of hours, but then it started to crease and come off (like my skin was peeling)? Overall, it's the same as any other concealer out there. I'll have to try that Makeup Forever concealer next time. I'm thinking about just ditching it all and going for the Cle de Peau (or whatever!!)

    Nars Blush in Deep Throat: surprisingly, this wasn't as good as I expected it to be. It doesn't stay on as long as my Benefit Dallas. I'm kind of sad.


    Imju Fiberwig: Ok, where to start. 1. This wasn't volumizing in any way shape or form. Maybe that's something that I thought it would do, but it didn't. 2. It didn't lengthen better than any other mascara I've had. 3. It freaks me out when I take it off, if it even does come off. It's very hard to get off and if you can, it comes off in tubes.... which make you feel like you're losing your eyelashes. I just wasn't impressed. Plus, someone told me this is like a drugstore mascara in Japan, which made me feel ripped off. No thanks!

    Hopefully I wasn't too brutally honest, but I appreciate it if other people are. So there ya go! ;)
  13. 2nd part rave to my GHD straightener.
    I have tried several times to curl my 6 yr olds hair. I've actually tried hot rollers on this poor kid adn of course a curling iron, nothing has worked.
    Today for Thanksgiving I decided to flat iron her hair to make it silky but on a whim wondered if I could get curls from it.. . .

    And they lasted the whole evening even w/ her playing!
    Cannot say enough about this product, Amanda thanks for the:tup:on it!
  14. I'm pretty sure Sephora will take back a used iron. They take back everything else used!
  15. Does anyone know how often Sephora does this sale? I ordered 4 times!!!!! I loved it, but if they do this more than twice a year, I'm gonna go broke!