Review on Mini Lin Speedy in Dune

  1. Ok, so I bought this bag 3 weeks ago. I have been hesitant to use it because I wanted to wait until the weather got a little nicer. I use my BH as my daily bag (and have been since I got it a month or so ago), but when I was ready to leave for work today it was raining/hailing/snowing. The weather was awful and I didn't want to ruin the BH, so I switched it out to the Mini lin since I have read it holds up pretty well in bad weather. I carried this bag outside numerous times today and as absolutely drenched as I was, the bag was completely the opposite. It was a champ and held up better then I ever imagined. Not a mark, spec, leak, nothing (not even on the handles!). I can't say it won't get dirty (yet), but I wasn't being careful with it today and it didn't get dirty at all. If the dirt comes off as easily as the snow/sleet did, I love it even more.
  2. that's good to know, coz i'm doubting a lot about this color. Thanks
  3. That IS good to know ... I've been wanting to take mine out for spin but it's just too slushy here.
  4. wow. You are very brave to do that! hooray for dune!
  5. No worries..:noworry: Hope this encourages others to change their opinion. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Thank you it is good to now.
  7. Great info. but I have an ebeny so I can't have it in dune :sad:
  8. Thanks for that:rolleyes: and I think am going to get one.
  9. that is VERY good to know b/c I really want something is dune!
  10. Wow, that's nice to know. It has been treated for staining I think, but to know that it's pretty much weather-proof is fantastic.
  11. Hmmm .... thanks for the helpful info.

    I had doubts about the Dune but I guess I was wrong. :love: