Review of Tano Loveboat in white

  1. Okay, first off, sorry guys, no pics, but I'll try my best to describe it by comparing to the pics on musthavebag (excellent service from them btw).

    First off the cloud in the leather refers to the weight I think, it's light as a cloud. The texture is smooth, a little shiny (like distressed patent)and distressed (mine is quite a bit more distressed than any of the bags on the website). I can imagine being able to wipe any dirt off with a moist wipecloth, which is a good thing for a white bag. The new pics on the website is a better representation of the leather than the pic on the model on the website. From the pic on the model, I expected more dull, smooshy leather.

    Next thing, the color. It can definitely not be described as bright white. I think I would describe it as a very light greige. I thought it was the lights in my office, but I took it outside and it's still not bright white.

    The functionality is great, it's a big bag (what I wanted) and the fit on the shoulder is tight (what I expected) and has lots of pockets.

    All in all the bag is different from what I expected, but I'm keeping it. I kinda signed up for cutesy and girly and got something a little more funky (in a good way, it has a "feel" similar to a Bal work, I think). I think I can do with a bit more funkiness in my life.:jammin:

    Oh and I already got my first compliment from a stranger while I was outside checking ot the color in daylight.:yes:
  2. Oooh, sounds lovely!

  3. Hi Janine.

    Glad you like it! Its an awesome bag.

    It's incredible to hear how you describe the bag as compared to how I would describe it. That just shows me how different peoples' perceptions are of things. Very interesting!

    I agree that the leather has a hint of polish (although its certainly not shiny.) I also agree that the color is not truly "bright white", but that is the name that Tano gives the color, so we have to use it. I would say that it's slighly off white in person. Perhaps a tiny hint of gray, like you suggested! I'm going to clarify that on the website. I disagree with you, though, on the "distressed" issue. The grain is smooth, and the color is chome tanned (totally flat and even toned.) Personally, I would by no means call it the slightest bit "distressed!" If you look at Tano's crunch, cracked ice and/or old master leathers, they definitely look distressed- but the white and black cloud really don't.

    The name "cloud" refers to the lightness and softness of the leather, you were right!

    Thanks for posting your feedback. I can learn a lot from what all of you have to say!

  4. That's the problem with language, we all use different words to describe the pictures in our head. I don't have any other Tanos, so I can't compare it to that. But I think the best way for me to describe it is that it's similar to the Balenciagas as far as "distressed" and "shiny" goes.

    BTW, please let me know if you get it in black, I think I'd love that too.
  5. Janine- I may be able to get you a black one. Email me if you definitely want it. If so, Ill grab one for you when I go to Tano on Friday.

    I updated the love boat page to describe the subtle shine on the black and white (the other colors in the cloud leather are more matte) and the slightly "off-whiteness" of the "bright white" color. Thanks for your comments and positive feedback!
  6. If you are unable to get from Alexandra, this black bag will be available from
  7. I was just checking out some of the Tanos and I see there are now wallets available. I may have to have one of them..I love to have the matching set. :yes:
  8. Congrats - great buy. Love to hear the bit about it having many pockets - always a plus!