Review of Rebecca Minkoff Matinee (long)

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  1. I recently got the Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Elephant (ordered online from The color is deeper/darker than it appears on most sites and it has silver-colored hardware. IMO, it's a pretty neutral color - slightly on the cool side, but it works with almost everything I own, including black. I would call it a grey-ish brown if I had to label it.

    The leather is thick and holds its shape well. I think it will soften substantially with use and get a bit more slouchy. The outer pockets are lined with the same suede that is used in the fold-over flaps and the two end pockets have a hidden magnetic snap. The leather appears to be high-quality, but it was filthy when I first received it. I noticed that my hands got smudges from the handle, so I used some Apple Leather Care on them and the cloth turned black. I decided to clean the whole bag and it was just as dirty. I'm not sure if it was from the assembly process or if it picked up dirt at the store, but thought it was worth mentioning. On the plus side, the cleaning/conditioning has improved the already nice feel of the leather and enhanced the very subtle sheen it has.

    This is definitely a hand-made bag: there are slight nicks/cut marks from the tools used to put it together and minor irregularities such as off-centered hardware. The lining is too big for the interior and has to be folded to fit inside. This isn't to say it's a poorly-made bag, but if imperfections/irregularities bother you, it's worth checking the bags out in person (if possible) in order to compare their differences and individualities. As it is, I'm thinking about exchanging mine if someone at the boutique is willing to look it over first for the two or three things that are bugging me about this one.

    Measurements for this bag are all over the place, but LunaBoston's are the most accurate. Mine measures 14" L (counting the two end pockets) x 9" H x 5.5" D. Since I wasn't able to see it in person, I was worried it would look too big or disproportionate, but I really like the design. It's less boxy than the Morning After, so it's more sleek and doesn't look as big as the measurements led me to believe. The straps fit easily over my shoulder, but I think it would be too snug to fit over my winter coats. There are three interior pockets (two flat and one zippered) and eight(!) pockets on the exterior (two on each side and two on each end).

    In summary, I love the design and functionality. But I am a perfectionist and the bunchy lining and a tear in the leather where it looks like a stitch ripped through bother me given the retail price of the bag ($625). I hope to find one that doesn't have these because I don't want to give this up. Since I'm not sure about keeping this, I haven't used it yet, but can imagine it for everything from work to travel.

    Hope to hear some more opinions from other Matinee owners too!
    RM Matinee.JPG RM Matinee2.JPG
  2. It's so beautiful.
  3. I have one in glazed espresso and I love it. You're right, it is not nearly as big as the dimensions make it sound. I got mine from winknyc, and I checked it out and luckily seems to be pretty well made. I am a perfectionist too, and the stuff you described would really bug me for $625.
  4. congrats!!!
  5. Congrats! Thanks for the great review!
  6. Thanks for the review. I'm waiting for one in espresso that I ordered from WinkNYC. I hope I like mine.
  7. Yes, thank you for the review :biggrin:

    Glad you like the shape and I hope you can either come to love this one, or find one that works for you....
  8. thanks for the detailed review. i love the colour. congrats!
  9. Your review and photo convinced me that I had to have one :tup::heart:
    Now the wait!

    Thank you for your review :flowers:
  10. good review! i really like the purple/berry exclusive on Shopbop right now and your review made me reevaluate my impulses...i don't think i want imperfections for that price!!
  11. Thank you for the detailed review. It's indeed a beautiful bag. Please let us know what you decide to do -- keep the bag or exchange it due to imperfections.
  12. So did you decide to keep it? I also got the RM Matinee in Elephant. I didn't have the problem with the lining, but I did also have the minor nicks in the leather. At first, I was disturbed by them, but then I thought they were so obvious that they almost seemed intentional. Like the RM people decided this color should have a weathered look.

    I've carried mine now for about a month and it has broken in very nicely. But I do think that the Elephant leather seems to weather more than some of the other others. But in a good way - does that make sense?
  13. ooh, your modeling pic is SO helpful! i was on the fence about this one, though i love RM in general. but i love the way it looks on you....great choice!
  14. This review is really helpful. I really want to see if I can get a Matinee at the Sample Sale w/ a phone order. I like this bag more than the style of the MA, but that one, the mini, is growing on me too. But, this one is just really appealing and I like that you can either show or not show the suede by the sides.
  15. It's a very pretty bag and it looks great on you.