Review of an unexpected purchase!

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  1. Hi fellow tpfers, this is my first review and I can't wait to share with you all! In fact I didn't expect to purchase it but couldn't leave the store without it after seeing it! I fell in love at first sight! So let's begin!

  2. Ahhh just realised I typed review instead of reveal in the subject line! So embarrassing...well I think I am just too excited!

    Now opening the box...:smile:




  3. Something pinkish?
  4. I'm excited for you!!!
  5. Fuchsia!
  6. I'm excited for you! Something fuchsia I see through the tissue paper :biggrin:
  7. :nuts: Oh I can't wait to see it!
  8. The new fuchsia boy???? 😁
  9. OMG another pink!

    I feel so deprived.
  10. Ooooh is that pink?? Is it a beautiful boy?

    chasing my rainbow!
  11. :sad:((( you need this soon!!!

    chasing my rainbow!
  12. I guess the last picture has revealed the colour a little bit. :P Now without further ado, I present you my officially favourite bag, Fuchsia boy!




    I have been admiring everyone else's fuchsia purchases for a while. However the ss14 act 2 didn't arrive in UK until earlier this week. While waiting for the bags to hit the stores I was trying to make my mind between a patent jumbo and lamb jumbo. In fact I was never a big fan of the boy bag because the chain doesn't look good on me. I have always been a classics girl. I saw this stunner in other threads on tpf and thought: what a shame that the boy doesn't look good on me because it's so beautiful!

    Anyway I went into the store today to check out the act 2 pieces and there was another customer trying this boy on. It was truly a love at first sight! I could feel my heart racing when seeing it. I asked my sa about it and she said it was the last one. Ahhhhh. I had to wait (impatiently) for the customer to finish. Luck for me she bought a classics ml instead. Phewwwwww! When I tried the boy on, the chain doesn't bother me any more because the colour balanced it out. The combination of the sweet colour and chain makes it look like a beautiful girl who is really into rock and roll. :P It was a no brainer for me to bring this boy home with me. I can't be any happier. :smile:

    Thanks for letting me share.

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  13. Gorgeous boy:smile: Congrats.
  14. Congrats!
  15. This is such a gorgeous Boy, it was meant to be! Congrats!