review of A/W 07 colors (long)

  1. I always like reading people's in person reviews of the colors, so I thought I'd post my own impressions.

    I went to BalNY yesterday to get either a steel or an anthracite first. I walked in and they had quite a few what I thought were steel bags hanging on the wall. I asked the SA about comparing steel and anthracite, and she said they were right next to each other! I honestly couldn't tell the difference between the two colors, at least under BalNY's lights. The anthracite may have been slightly greener, but not much. I am pretty good at distinguishing between colors, but these two seemed very similar to me. I decided to get the steel. The steel first they had displayed was a little distressed looking, so I asked if they had any with very smooth leather. She brought one out which was gorgeous.

    I would have loved to pick out my own bag between a few choices, but for some reason that store intimidates me very much, so I felt odd about asking the SA to bring a few steel firsts out. I am more than happy about the one I ended up getting. And for those of you wondering, the steel is nowhere close to black. In fact in real life it seems lighter than most of the pics posted on here. It's a true medium gray with a hint of blue.

    They had some ocean bags on display with the SGH. They were very nice, but I'm just not a fan of GH whether it be silver or gold. One thing that really shocked me is that that the ocean is so similar to cornflower. I had my cornflower bag with me, and honestly the two colors are almost indistinguishable. The ocean is just slightly darker, and the leather is much smoother and less veiny than the cornflower.

    I saw my first coin purse in person, and I was really tempted to get one. It's just so cute! They had it displayed in cinnamon, along with a cinnamon money wallet. The cinnamon didn't seem to have any red in it at, it was just a very deep medium brown. It's a very nice color if I were in the market for a brown bag.

    Off in the distance I saw what I thought was tomato, but I didn't study it closely. I think there may have been a couple of other colors on display, but I concentrated most on the steel, so I did not check out these colors.

    All in all, a great trip to BalNY. It's so great seeing all the colors in person after seeing them in pics on this site. It's amazing how different they look in real life.
  2. Thanks so much for the review coda! I'm contemplating getting a courier in steel since I'm having trouble finding an anthracite. Your post was helpful. Congrats on your new bag! I'd love to see pics!
  3. Thank you so much for the review... I loved anthracite, so maybe I will go for steel!! - Can't wait to see pics of your First!!
  4. oh.. do post more pics.. i love anthra.. but havent actually seen any steel!
  5. By the way, I had them ship my bag to me, so I will probably get it on Tuesday. I will post pics when I get it.
  6. ahhh! I bet I saw Anthracite and Plomb and Marine yesterday at Barney's! LOL!!! I couldn't figure out for the life of me what all those colors were!! :upsidedown:
  7. THanks coda for your review! The ocean is beautiful! Cornflower is so similar as you say - ocean is more vivid!
  8. Thank you for the review - it seems so strange to me that their Fall collection has so many similarities to the Spring one (Tomato and Rouge Vermillion, and now Steel and Anthracite). I hadn't heard anyone compare Ocean to Cornflower, but now I'm kind of wary of buying it without seeing it in person first. I have a Cornflower City and a Blue Glacier First already, and since those two are similar colours maybe I should wait for a different blue to come along...

    Anyway, thanks again for the review - it's very helpful when people post things like this!
  9. Coda, that's a good call on Ocean being close to Cornflower! I totally agree from the Ocean Bags i've seen. It's just a hint deaper but with MUCH better leather!
  10. Congrats on your steel first. Bet it's gorgeous. Please post pics.
  11. I hope you'll post pics of your Steel :party: It sounds just lovely!

    I really want to see an Ocean City. It sounds beautiful, and I really like Cornflower, but was always wary of 06 leather.
  12. Thank you. I love the reveiws where the bags were actually seen. Post pics of your bag. I love bbag pics. :yahoo:
    Why do they intimidate you at BNY? If you are paying that much for a bag, there is ridiculous that they bring ONE out to choose from. If I was there, I would have them bring several and they should be glad to do it. After all, they do work on commission I assume.:graucho:
  13. Really nice review, thank you. I felt like I was right there with you. I can't wait to make it back up to the city and check these bags out myself.
  14. Thanks for your review - it was great!

    And congrats on your new bag!
  15. I agree. I have no qualms about asking them to bring out a few of the same colour which they have done and are they are used to doing too. I've seen other customers do it as well while I'm there. The sa's know how the leathers all differ greatly within the same colour and so understand why we ask to see a few of them.

    When I picked out an anthracite with GH I had my sa bring out all the anthra's that she had so I could pick the best of them all. Since then I have sold the damn thing but you get my point :hrmm: