review: my first M by MJ: Turnlock Teri in Carbon Blue

  1. So after stalking eBay and Zappos and nap and *you name it* for months, the Teri finally showed back up on one morning and i had to snatch it up asap.

    This is a "utility" bag. It is by no means a "small" bag especially on my 5'1" frame but i like big bags and i cannot lie. It has enough compartments that I won't have to use the purseket at all.

    The two pockets in front are easy to get to so cellphone, access cards will go in there. The middle zipped compartment is where i'll put my sunglasses, wallets and carkeys. Also, amazingly, it'll also fit a couple of good size magazines or folders, which is KEY to me. BUt i will more than likely use the back compartment for mags/papers that I need to carry around.

    Leather is soft and gorgeous and smell so darn good. Shoulder drop is about 8" so it doesn't fit over my winter jacket comfortably (which is quite a bummer).

    I thought i'll post some pics since I seldom come across photos of the teri when i was doing my research. hopefully this will be helpful to whomever is considering the turnlock teri.



  2. Your bag is SOOO cute! Congrats on the purchase!
  3. you're making me want this bag even more. What are you doing to me??!!!! Bag looks fantastic on u, :heart: the blue!

    Must...hold...strong...for sap green MP!

    You and your silly car magazines :nuts:
  4. Thanks for the details. and congrats!! The color is wonderful and it looks so good on you! I love my turnlock bowler.
  5. I have the very same bag and I've been using it every day since I bought it in October...:love:

    I absolutely love it. It feels very luxurious and it's just beautiful.
  6. Fantastic thread! It is so helpful to hear practical details about bags you are considering!
  7. Great pics! I love the one with the magazine. I'm always lugging things around with me to read. Congratulations! That bag looks really nice on you!
  8. It's looks great on you aspw!!! That blue color is so pretty. Congrats and thanks for the great information on the bag!
  9. Oh wow, that bag looks perfect on you!! I am dying to touch that leather it looks so buttery soft....
  10. oh goodness! that bag is sooo pretty.....i thought it was pretty from the first photo but it looks even better actually on!!! congratulations!!!
  11. Ohhh I have this in the yam color!! I absolutely love it, the compartments are great!

    Congrats on finally getting it and the bags looks fabulous on you!
  12. Congrats! Gorgeous color. Thanks for taking all the pics - I love the compartments! Enjoy it!
  13. Congrats on your new bag!! I have it in black and use it every day!!! Love it especially for all the compartments.
  14. that is a faulous bag and the color is beautiful!
  15. congrats! It looks great on you!