Review: FIRST Grey 06 vs. Cement vs. Blueberry

  1. These three bags arrived late morning. My DH opened up the box, called and reported that he likes the cement the best and dislikes blueberry. I was so surprised until I came home to see what he means. :yes:

    Blueberry: The leather isn't soft. It's matte and feel like plastic. The color is deep blue. I don't feel the color "pop". There isn't any changing color in defferent lighting. I took the pictures outside and inside, me wearing it and compare it with my Ink City.

    Also, I think the pictures might fool you a bit. Somehow, the pictures make the color looks bright! IRL, it isn't bright or pop. I think the color is pretty bland.
  2. Forgot the pix. :blink:
    IMG_0747.JPG IMG_0758.JPG IMG_0760.JPG IMG_0751.JPG IMG_0756.JPG IMG_0770.JPG IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0772.JPG
  3. :sad: oh dear... thats okies... MORE BLUEBERRY b-bags for me!!!! :roflmfao: 0o0o0oo look at the blueberry!!!! hehehehe!!!
  4. luv, thanks for the report. i'm really surprised about the blueberry. bland, eh? :sad: could you post pics when you get a chance?

    eta: just saw the pics. thanks.:flowers:
  5. That's EXACTLY what I was saying about the smaller Blueberry's I saw. PLASTIC!
    Too bad when something IS consistent, it's consistently crappy.:cry:
  6. Thanks for the report! Yeah- the pics would fool me b/c the blueberry looks very viberant!

    By the way- you're ink is absolutely gorgeous!!! The leather looks amazing!
  7. Grey 06 & Cement: These are quite similar. The leather on Grey 06 is softer but Cement's is thicker. Cement color is brighter, almost like white with grey under tone. My DH likes cement better and he thinks it's pop nicely with dark or neutral clothing. I agree on this.

    I can't decide yet which one I want. I feel that I need to be more careful with cement otherwise it might be dirty easily. The big threads on the handles are white!! Great contrast but again I'm afraid it will turn dark.

    Well, maybe you guys can decide for me. :love:

    Bag workmanship: I think you should not only focus on leather shiny/veiny/etc but also focus on the detail quality. In cement, I find the flaw on workmanship. Maybe I'm too anal and it's annoyed the heck out of me. There is a small leather split (again!) in buckle area. Also the leather that holds the handle isn't aligh. I took the pictures so you can see.

    If you order the bag unseen, I think you need to have SA inspect all aspects for you.

    That's it for my review. So which grey should I pick? :Push:
    IMG_0746.JPG IMG_0750.JPG IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0753.JPG IMG_0755.JPG IMG_0754.JPG IMG_0774.JPG IMG_0783.JPG
  8. uh ohhhhh...

    Now I am confused again.
    AND I don't know when, if ever, I can see these bags IRL.

    Up until now, a blueberry city was a definite.
    But now...

    Boo. Too much exercise and not enough food. I'm starting to go crazy.
  9. Thank you for this post! Now I am thinking I want gray instead of cement!
  10. That's such a bummer that you don't like your blueberry first! I really like my city a lot (in fact, I returned the cement for it). Do you like the cement?
  11. Thanks for letting us know luvpurse. Without the honest feedback from the helpful members here, we would be lost. I deeply appreciate the forum and the poster's detailed report and pictures.

    You could use protectant spray on the Cement. Do you like the white contrast stitching? I'm not sure about that aspect of the bag.

    I think I'd go with the Gray. It's a pretty bag and a great neutral too.
  12. Thank you for your review & pics! So the blueberry is darker IRL than how it shows in your pics? Maybe the stiffness & plasticky feeling will go away with use?

    I like your greige first it looks really nice in this shape! But I agree that the workmanship is not that good and that would bother me.

    I think you should keep the grey...
  13. hard to decide luvpurse bec on the pic the blueberry/blue roi looks amazing compared to cement but not so nice irl.. i think you should consider your dh opinion since he saw both irl :yes:
  14. Thanks for the post, luvpurse! :flowers: If you didn't say anything, I would have picked Blueberry based on the pics for sure! The picture is very misleading indeed! I think that if I buy a Blueberry, I will definitely buy it in person for fear of getting a plastiky specimen like the one you described.

    You know, the workmanship *does* seem to have lessened in quality as of late. My Oxblood is gorgeous but there are teeny tiny flaws as well(scratched mirror, small rip/tear on the underside of one of the tassles, and the leather around the the beginning of the zipper or on the outside zipper pocket is puckered and is starting to get a tiny little fray--do I don't use it. lol)The flaws are soooo minor on mine, though, that they don't make me want to exchange my bag. The flaws are very tiny, though, and you only notice them if you take the time to look.

    I think you should get the Cement. I would defnitely go with the one with the thicker leather. Plus, I really like the color! It's making me want one(yet another color to add to my want list). lol
  15. I think the new leather is the worst yet--it looks like plastic! :cry: I don't care if it's smooth, it looks cheap. I think you should keep the grey, it looks like it'll wear better.:flowers: