Review : Burberry Springhill bracelet

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  1. Hi everyone !

    I just wanted to tell you about my new Burberry bracelet. It's my first experience with Burberry bracelet and I can say that I'm very disappointed. I bought a Springhill bracelet ( just check over here :

    And the "plaited band" wasn't well glued on the bracelet ! :yucky: In fact, I had to glue it all over with some "crazy glue" and after, when the glue was stuck on some places on the metal, I had to polish it off with some steel wool ! For that price, I had to spend 45 min doing the crafting job, I have to say that I'm not impressed at all. However, I decided not to get a refund since I would loose the shipping money both ways and the refund wouldn't be so worth it since I could glue it myself. :storm:

    Here's the picture of what happened to the bracelet :



    Share about your experiences with Burberry jewelry ! :P
  2. Wow! I'm sorry that you had such a bed experience! :sad: thanks for the heads up
  3. I'm sorry to hear this! thanks for sharing your experience with us! Best wishes:smile:
  4. Sorry to hear...i hope its just this one and not all.