reversing the reversible stripe tote

  1. anyone ever reverse their signature stripe reversible tote? I have only seen it used the "other way" once. Which way do you prefer to wear it..I am loving the crimson and khaki color now!
  2. Honestly IMHO I don't like it reversed, for 1 reason. I don't like how the pocket is not attached. I hate the way that it just kind of flaps freely.

    I used to have a student who had the brown/brown version and she only wore it reversed. It looked ok on her, as I think it does on some. But I just can't bring myself to reverse it.

    But wear it however you like and which ever way you :heart: best!!!
  3. If you like the crimson you better go ahead and get it because the inventory is getting really low. I hope they decide to restock it but when I got my large tote there were only 30 left in JAX.

    I reversed mine the other day to clean the bottom of the inside since I had a tiny powder spill. I don't plan to do it again though. I agree about the pocket just kinda hanging there and on the crimson I really like the color of the stripe and it is different from the color of the lining. It might be better in another color but the red is really red when it is reversed and I prefer a little less red.
  4. Never understood the 'reversable' aspect .... to me it just looks weird.
  5. I've only seen it reversed once. I don't like it at all... I kind of wonder if it was just a sale tactic, like it has the capability of functioning reversed but not much was put into the reversed design. So there's the hype of 2 bags in 1 for a decent price but nobody really reverses it anyway because it's not that great!
  6. I have 2 reversibles in crimson and light blue, and just can't reverse either... it doesn't look right to me
  7. I have the tote in blue and I have only reversed it one just seems weird! I do like that I have the option to reverse it, but I choose not to excercise that option. :tdown: Plus, I had it monogrammed, so why reverse it when I paid extra for my initials!
  8. I never carried mine reversed either. I also noticed that a lot of the fakes are carried on the reversible side.
  9. ^^^^^VERY good point about the fakes.

    I've seen a lot of fake reversible stripes and it seems like the can ONLY be carried reversed.

    It's like the fakers want everyone who buys one to "advertise" that they're carrying a "coach signature stripe reversible tote." When really the bag is "stuck" on the reversed side.

    Maybe it's just me? I hope that last part makes sense, it's hard to put into words what I'm thinking. :push:
  10. I wear mine reversed when I want less C's showing. It's the all black one though, so it just looks like a solid black bag with the C's trim on the bottom. I don't think I'd wear it reversed if I had it in khaki and another color though.