Reversible Neverfull?

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  1. Check it out ladies!

  2. Ooo acctually looks v.Pretty like that! i love the inside of the bag thanks for the link :yes:
  3. haha- reminds me of the Coach reversible Legacy stripe totes. It does look nice, but the lining looks a tad delicate for everyday use.

  4. could someone please post the pic but not the link to the blog please. Thanks :flowers:
  5. Yes, I want to see too! :smile:
  6. oh pls post the pics! i really wanna see too :smile: thanks!
  7. compliments of member tresormakati



  8. I think it looks soooo cute but I wouldnt want it to get dirrty lol
  9. wow NOW I wante it even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the mm right?
  10. That looks gorgeous - even better value for the already-reasonable price! Thanks for posting :smile:
  11. Where these bags really made to be reversible?
  12. It looks better that way!! :nuts:
  13. someone had posted this on another site

    while i didn't like the nerfull bag. I :heart: it reversed

    I"m so freaking tempted lol
  14. I think it looks better reversed than normally!
  15. THANK YOU Jen!!!