Reversed Charges

  1. This is the first time I've ever had this problem and worried it would and it did.

    I sold a limited edition dvd on eBay. Buyer paid but paypal is unconfirmed. So i asked her to confirm her add. to me. to make sure i'm sending it to the right place.

    A couple of days later she said thanks for the dvd. She told me she watched and loved it but it was in black and white. Then she asked for a refund. I said to her it wasn't as i check before hand. I told her to check her dvd.

    To night as i paid for an item i bought. I notice in paypal that there was less money than it should have. It said that there was a reverse charge.

    Now she has the DVD and I paid her for it!! Is there anyway i can get my money back?
  2. How did she reverse the charge - through Paypal or through her credit card? Either way you should have been contacted by the company involved to ask for your side of the story. You should contact Paypal and ask them about it.
  3. I just called PAYPAL and they said she had insufficient funds in her acc. Can i still get my money back?
  4. I forgot to mention that the csr told me that i should call the police. has anyone done this?
  5. I can't believe she was able to get that money back so quickly. Are you able to file a claim saying she hasn't paid?
  6. paypal custormer service said i have to have a postal reference for paypal to take notice but i think i threw that away not thinking i would need it. I'll call the post office tomorrow and see what i can do to get that ref back. if i don't have it surely there is something else i can do.

    I know. I can't believe it either. It just happened now. It wasn't deducted yesterday.
  7. Normally if she filed a claim it can take more than 21 days and you would get a notice from PayPal to visit resolution center (even if she used a credit card instead of PayPal funds). My guess was that maybe she paid via e-check and the payment didn't clear so you really never charged it. In the future you should always use PayPal ship[ping service or add the tracking (reference information) to the transaction page. I really think you already lost your money. Good luck anyways hopefully she sends the DVD back.
  8. Thanks for the reply. She hasn't got in contact. Unfortunately i think your right.:tdown: she has done a runner.
  9. Just to add never send to an unconfirmed address. An email from them stating their address means nothing in a paypal claim. Addresses in the UK, USA and CANADA are the only addresses that can be confirmed!
  10. Yes confirmed in Paypal speak means Paypal has confirmed it, not you!
  11. Did you try filing an unpaid item dispute? Make sure you spell out everything clearly and give all the tracking numbers, etc to show she got the item and did not pay you.

    Make sure you mark on eBay that item is unpaid.
  12. Something like this happened to a friend of mine. She sold a camcorder and the lady said it wasnt as represented, which was bs. Paypal ended up taking a hundred and change from her account and giving it to the buyer. She was out the $$ and the camcorder.
  13. I did file a dispute. I have to wait and see now. How long should this take?
  14. Did you escalate it to a claim? If she doesn't respond escalate it, you have deadlines, make sure you know what they are.

    Good luck, I hope this gets worked out for you
  15. This is on eBay, i filed the dispute. Can you escalate it there too?