Reverse, monogram or empreinte

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  1. Looking at buying a P Metis , I’m always a bit turned of by the loudness of monogram but this bag looks so great in this print.

    Done a lot of research and I love all 3 but which one would you choose and why?

    I have 2 young kids, I dress casual and occasionally smart but usually jeans boots skirts...

  2. Reverse! Unique, special, cute colour combo, hard to find, reminds me of Reese peanut buttercup! My favourite!!
  3. It is beautiful but my only issue with this is so you think it will stand the test of time??
  4. reverse all the way - but pretty hard to get
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  5. All of a sudden, I started paying attention to the pochette metis around September. I went through all the questions you had about which one to get. Here are my two cents.

    Monogram is understated, and very casual, goes with pretty much everything in the wardrobe. But you do have to worry about vachetta over time. And the fact that it is all over the place. Too much visibility.

    The reverse is so hip. I do like it on some girls. But to me, it is still a 2 colored bag so it might not work so well with prints, florals, or super bright colors. But if you wear lots of neutrals, go for the reverse. In the resale market the reverse fetches the most money, to me it has the most return on investment.

    For a few hundred dollars more, you get to own the empreinte. The true question here is which color to get? Hello? That's even more headache. I loved the red (cerise). It's the only color that really called out to me, but wearing a red bag requires too much coordination and time which I simply don't have.

    In all seriousness, only you can decide. But if so many girls are asking themselves this same question, then Louis Vuitton has done a tremendous job because it means they are all equally beautiful bags.
  6. Bless you. You make some great points - think I will have to go down the preloved route whichever I decide as I cannot get 1 on for love nor money...

    Just really can’t decide, I love all 3 but the monogram and reverse seem pretty casual (and since I dress this way and have 2 young kids it may work better)

    This bag never stood out to me very much but now I am in the market for buying my next bag it seems to be the underdog.

    I was big on the Gucci Dionysus but I figure this will work better, I already have the speedy b as a cross body but I am one of them that thinks it doesn’t work on me mainly because it’s a hefty 30 and I feel like I knock everything about when I wear it haha
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    Reverse or Monogram. I don't care for Empreinte leather.
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  8. Reverse! I have to admit that I actually used to think it was kind of ugly, but the pics do not do it justice. The minute I saw it I had to have it. It is beautiful. I don’t like the monogram look and hate vachetta so I don’t recommend that. The black ME is gorgeous and I may get one later but when I compared it with the canvas it was a bit heavier so I went with canvas.
  9. I don’t have it with me today, but I am pretty sure my reverse has GHW.
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  10. HAHA You're right! It totally does have GHW. I don't know why it had SHW in my imagination! :lol:
  11. OP, your Life Situation sounds like Mine :smile: I also have 2 small kids and mainly dress casually (casual smart for work) and I chose the PM Monogram. I was almost getting the empreinte in black as it was so hard to get the monogram but in my opinion the PM is a casual crossbody bag that looks like a briefcase, hence Monogram or monogram reverse looks best on this style.
    If you’re planning on using this bag as your everyday bag, I’d get another bag as we all know about the issue this bag may come with and it seems like ppl who do not have issues with this bag, rotate their bags every couple days to prevent it from wearing off... with kids, I tend to overstuff my bags so I usually don’t wear it much when I’m out with my kids.
  12. I was totally anxious to get home and check it :smile:
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  13. What issues are they ? Glazing?

    Or we talking bout the empreinte rubbing?
  14. Wishful thinking huh fab
  15. Both. Glazing issues or canvas cracking on Monogram and reverse.
    Sticky glazing that rubs off on people’s clothes in the Empreinte.
    Like many other PM lovers, I was well aware of these potential issues and I’ll do my best to rotate my handbags but in the end it’s just a bag. I won’t lose sleep over it if it happens down the road. First world problems. Lol.