Reverse double zip pochette?

Oct 26, 2010
Hey experts:smile:

Does anyone know of this will be permanent or only for a summer?

for the one who own it, what are your thoughts and comments please? Regrets or a must have?
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In LVoe again
May 23, 2020
I bought one (because Jerusha influenced me :lol:) the first day when it was launched in Europe, but returned it because it was definitely a return piece - there was some dirt inside and outside and the canvas on the front side was already peeling. :whut: The date code was something from the beginning of the year. Although I liked the look (especially the reverse side), I am not too sad that I had to return it as I find it pretty expensive for what it offers and still prefer the PA mono. However, this is just my personal opinion / experience.
I have quoted my post from the LV in Europe chat thread where I have shared this experience with the double zip pochette in case you are interested.

Hey guys! I have ordered last week the new Double Zip Pochette Reverse Monogram and wanted to share my experience with you. I have just received and unpacked it and am really very disappointed by what I've gotten. The bag is not brand new - it is made in the third week of 2020 - and the strap looks very thin and not very robust. This would not bother me, but there are many issues:
  • First, the upper layer of the canvas is already peeling off on the front, reverse, side of the bag along the area of multiple cm.
  • Second, there was some yellow / beige dirt in two places - inside the first pochette and in the fold between the both pochettes.
  • Third, in both pochettes there was some small white fuzz, especially in the credit card pockets.
Inside the pochettes were already some creases on the microfiber.
So my impression is that somebody might have already been using this bag. I am returning it and regretting to have wasted my time on it.
I just wanted to share the potential issues in case somebody is interested in buying this bag.
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My feeling is that this would be a permanent piece such as PM reverse of OnTheGo, but I do not know exactly.
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