Reversable Stripe Totes

  1. These are Flying off the shelves!

    Already the Black and red have been sold out on the website and they were just put up THIS MORNING!
  2. They do look fantastic! I love the part about being able to put your initials on them.
  3. I would love a mahogany one but can't afford a new bag at the moment.:cry:
  4. I wanted the black but it was sold out before I even got to check it out on the website...but I guess I'll get the patchwork signature hobo instead!!! I'll just have to save some $ first.
  5. Not that it matters, but was the black a black stripe on khaki signature fabric or was the signature fabric also black? Does anyone know?
  6. OMG, I love everything! I want to buy something so bad, but I need to save :cry:
  7. I think the signature fabric is khaki w/ the black stripe.
  8. Was there a black stripe one? the darkest I saw in the catalog and the store was very dark brown, they're calling it mahogony, but it looks like dark chocolate in person. Is that what you're talking about? If i'd seen one in black I would have looked more closely, that would be up my alley.
  9. I love them also! I love the blue color, it is perfect for the Fall!
  10. I think there is a black stripe looks like it on the coach homepage (bottom left). It sold out really quick that's the color I wanted in the medium tote.
  11. Love them! I was just at Coach yesterday and I didn't see them.
  12. I called two Coach stores and was told that it does not come in black. The bag that appears black on the website is actually the dark brown Mahogany color. Bummer!
  13. the only one ive seen is the choclate brown one, ut i love the light kaki, im looking at that one for school
  14. I just picked this up in red. So cute!!

    All of the colors were great! I think that they have a winner with this line.