Revenge on ABC

  1. Yes! thank you! It was driving me crazy lol
  2. ^:amuse:

    I think she is perfect for this role!
  3. ^^Agreed. Like her on here way more than B&S
  4. loved it!!
  5. She looks so sweet and innocent on the outside but full of rage on the it! :p
  6. I caught the last half of this show and it's interesting so far. I'm mainly watching because I think Joshua Bowman, who plays Daniel, is hot. I previously saw Joshua Bowman as Max on "Make It or Break It."
  7. the black wig was kinda bad tho...i wonder if that nolan kid is going to help or hurt her revenge plans.
  8. I am totally digging this show too! While it is a bit ridiculous with the plot, it is just the right amount of ridiculous to work!
  9. Lol...i watched it 3x and i think i still missed some things. Can't wait for next week!
  10. ^LOL! I was rewinding my DVR during some scenes as well!
  11. I liked the Pilot episode.. Looks very interesting! :smile:
  12. *~*I. Love. This. Show. I can't wait til next week's ep!*~*
  13. This show is on my dvr list too!
  14. I watched it last night and enjoyed it, even though I thought Emily's line delivery was on the ridiculous side a few times. But overall it kept me interested and captured the Hamptons scene pretty well. My only real complaint is a lack of eye candy, I didn't find any of the guys too attractive.
  15. ^ Faith, I didn't think so either. They weren't bad at all, but not major eye candy either for me