Revenge on ABC

  1. Looks like my kinda show!
  2. The ads for this show look really good!
  3. It's on now!
  4. Yay...who's watching now?? I am (for the 3rd time lol).
  5. I just watched it. It was entertaining. I liked it. I will be watching (or setting my DVR). Love Madeline Stowe too. Remember her from the movie Revenge with Kevin Costner. Loved that movie. :smile:
  6. Can't wait for the 2nd episode..there's soooo many stories that need to unravel between all the characters!
  7. I watched it because the pilot was filmed here in coastal SE North Carolina including parts of our town. The series is being shot elsewhere, prob. LA, though.

    I liked it more than I expected; will definitely tune in next week. Maybe I'm weird but revenge plots intrigue me. There was a show a long time ago called The Equalizer and I loved it. People who got away with crimes got their just desserts and I loved it.
  8. /\ I remember The Equalizer! That was a good show.

    Well this is on my DVR list - I liked the first episode. Emily seems are sweet and nice, but she's really a bad a$$! lol
  9. i liked it, even more so than Ringer...but will continue watching both for now.

    why does amber valetta always play the other woman? wasnt she also cheating with harrison ford in that thriller movie?

    madeline stowe played the matriarch so well, i really hated her! kudos to her for the awesome and believable acting. without her, i think the cast reminds me of one of the WB shows.
  10. I didn't really plan on watching or not watching, but just happened into it and I LOVED it! I actually put down my book, stopped polishing my nails and watched every single bit of it instead of just listening.

    I am a firm believer that people will get what's coming to them without ME helping, but to live vicariously through her was fantastic!!! Can't wait to see more.
  11. Yes I agree about WB... Was the guy who went for the midnight swim in the very beginning on gossip girl? Looks familiar

    I was intrigued..will tune in next week....I like that song they kept playing..."For You" by angus and Julia stone....there is a live version on you tube better than the iTunes studio version
  12. ^^ Yup that's Eric van der Woodsen, Serena's brother from Gossip Girl.

    I watched it and I really like it :biggrin: I like the white dress she wore for the party. Really pretty.

    I think the guy who played Jack Porter was also Kyle from the show Roswell.
  13. Thanks I thought that was him! One thing I found distracting was amanda's friend the party planner....thought her british accent was fake...laid on quite thick
  14. I totally have to agree with you on that. She was the least interesting character on the show so far..
  15. Loved it! I'll definitely be watching.