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  1. That is actually a good point you made there. He could very well be the one we dont know about.

    I think no one (me included) wants to believe that it could very well be Victoria that died. I dont follow game of thrones but main character died and they say it could be the same here with Victoria. Madeline is rarely in anything that Ive seen. But she apparently signs onto few projects..

    And we're seeing Charlotte and Daniel transform into their parents.. so there could be more there...

    I think Daniel marries Ashley...
  2. If it is true Stowe has to make a disappearing act to focus on her show another possibility is she boarded another plane or goes into hiding only to resurface much later in the series after she is done with her projects. Knowing how tricky the directors are they could lead us astray into thinking there is one death while they keep another locked up somewhere.

  3. Yup! Very possible..
  4. Are you guys sure the death he's referring to isn't Sammy's (the dog), who many people were distraught about?
  5. Maybe Em's Mom was a terrorist or something along those lines? Previously in cohorts with the WHG? Maybe connected with all the terrorist propaganda David Clarke and his Co. became embroiled in?
  6. but Sammy died the episode before, not the finale

    I would tend to think more along these lines. but this is also pretty alias-esque lol
  7. This!
  8. Was it just me or the acting on the last scene between Victoria and Conrad didn't feel real? When I was watching, I felt like they were acting in a way it didn't seem real.

    If Victoria dies I'll be angry... I will not miss Charlotte or Lydia....
  9. I just finished rewatching the finale!

    WHM wink- did anyone notice what he said right before the wink? If I wanted to keep an eye on you there are plenty of ways to do it undetected. Definitely think that had double meaning and he knew Em was watching!

    Conrad definitely knew Lydia was going to betray him. His eyes went completely cold when he reached to kiss her cheek.

    My fav line of the season: Nolan to Em - don't do anything revengy!
    Did he think she was going to hurt Amanda and the baby? Em definitely enjoys her revenge but not just because she doesn't get her way. I feel like she does have a heart even though she doesn't like to admit it. And I feel like she'll blame herself for the mess she made with jack and Amanda.

    I totally missed the scene the first time watching where Conrad burned the pic of Lydia and Victoria and the foreshadowing of the plane crash. He was definitely warning her earlier as we all thought.

    I really like the song where they board the plane..very fitting. Lydia boards first and you see the agent there at the steps. Then it flashes to Victoria getting out of the car and then it flashes back to the guy still at the steps. He meets her and walks her to the plane. Then he gets on and then she follows. I think a plane switch is really unbelievable. I would believe she got off, but it's a stretch that she got on a different plane.

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  10. Haha..i loved that line too! All of Nolan's lines are so perfect...
  11. I'm thinking more along the lines of witness protection, or that sort of thing. Victoria Grayson cannot die. She's the best villain(?) on TV today.
  12. Agreed. Don't think they killed her off but it was an amazing season final either way (even if she died).
  13. Maybe fake Amanda isn't even really pregnant? There was a scene at the very end where she's sleeping and Jack comes in and reaches down to touch her "pregnant" belly. The scene ended before his hand ever touched her and I wondered if maybe she's just pretending to be pregnant? If that's the case, knowing how these shows work, she'll conceal it from Jack so that he marries her and then suddenly will have a fake miscarriage.:p
  14. I don't think she's faking the pregnancy - that would be a little too "soap opera-y" for this show, don't you think?
  15. I think Victoria is trying to get back onto Conrad's good side....she set this up to have Lydia taken care of and the evidence destroyed. Probably for the sake of Daniel or because she feared she would be killed