Revelation (knew it would happen some time!)

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  1. Just have to share with you all...

    It's been two years since I joined the Forum and I've made more Mulberry purchases than I care to remember (probably couldn't anyway! lol). I've tried nearly ever style that Mulberry made after the Congo/Tartan era and before the Alexa joined us. I've had twins and triplets in all the classic colours, and a few colourful bags that didn't last long.

    Recently I got pregnant and the hormones made me re-evaluate all the stuff I had accumulated. It was time to simplify my life and my handbag collection was first to take a hit. I've re-homed five bags recently (one has dug it's proverbial heels in and won't leave despite my attempts to kick it out!) and I suddenly have the core collection that I've been talking about for well over a year.

    Who made the cut, and why?

    - Black goatskin Bays (gorgeous & rare beast!)
    - Black wrinkled patent small Bays clutch (my only going-out bag for the very rare occasions when DH and I get a chance to treat ourselves)
    - Choc Darwin Effie (yummy choc Darwin!)
    - Oak Darwin Annie (lovely style to use and oak Darwin is just so beautiful)
    - Oak printed VT Ledbury (amazing symmetry on the print, lovely ladylike handheld bag to make me feel special)
    - Oak Kenya/Darwin Belle (loving the printed oak leather, this is perfect size for all I need to carry when I'm at the park with Miss M)
    - Ginger Darwin Emmy (ginger Darwin is my obsession and this bag is a stunning example)
    - Pewter Daria satchel (my cheapie bling bag that I absolutely LOVE)
    (I won't name the last one as I don't consider it part of my collection.)

    So, that's eight bags that get used on a regular basis and I'm loving it! :yahoo: I can finally say without any underlying doubt that I am happy with my collection as it is and there is (luckily) nothing I want from the new collection. Phew!

    Anyone else out there who has done similar recently?
  2. You still have a very impressive beautiful collection that I am jealous of!
  3. Lovely collection and fab that you use them all!

    I re-shuffled my collection a bit lately but I still have not let my oak bays go. Made a half hearted attempt to sell it but for now it stays.Cannot bring self to ebay it. Not in my signature but it is still in my heart, lol xx
  4. K, congrats honey. The bags that were lucky enough to stay are fantastic, you have edited really really well.

    I have learnt recently that bags are just bags ;), if we dont use them, move them on and be free to enjoy something else is my motto. I think recession and changes in the country in general have made alot of us feel its not ok to have lots of bags just sitting in cupboards! Bags should be used, and loved and looked after, and if you are not using them, move the love on!!

    Well done!
  5. Thanks SJ!

    IWANB, I know what you mean re oak Bays. I loved mine but ultimately I had to let it go. The last bag that I have been trying to let go is one I had to have but soon tired of. I still have it, mostly because no one wants it! I blame Mulberry's new collections; they're much more blingy than this bag is and I guess that's what lots of people want these days!
  6. Thanks CB! I do feel proud of myself for letting go of so many. Last year I would have had a very, very hard time doing that. Now, it's become second nature! Bags are indeed just bags and I'm happy with the ones I've got. :biggrin:
  7. What is the bag? Do you have any love at all for it? Could you stick a keyring on it and revamp? I love the oak bays. Dh keeps frowning at it, lol xx
  8. ^^Don't want to say really, sorry! Maybe I'll use it again but haven't in months and can't see myself using it anytime soon either. Maybe once my pregnancy hormones calm down I'll look at said bag in a different way and start using it again. That or it will finally sell!
  9. maybe you could ebay it? Best way of gettting shot of it quickly if you think you are over it xx
  10. I am impressed of your downsizing, and can understand it feels good. Priorities are different in different periods of ones life. Needless to say you have other priorities than bags in your life right now :flowers:
  11. Wow K - well done you. It can be tough to make the decision re bags, but once you have made the decision, it's good to go with it. You have a fantastic collection that you know really works for you & that ultimately is the main thing!

    I have just gotten rid of another .. & can feel a couple more going. I'm a bit bored of it all to be honest ... sick of having so many bloody things go wrong with bags I work bloody hard to pay for too!! :nuts: Luckily there is nothing I like in the current collections, so I am pretty safe really!
  12. I would love to say I've downsized but my collection is small as I've only ever sold one bag haha!

    I'm with CB though, if I don't use something I'd rather someone else got enjoyment out of them.

    Well done, I was slightly gutted you sold your lipstick clutch - always loved that bag!!
  13. Well done girl! You have kept the gems in your collection and the collection looks really well thought through. Like you said, you have tried most styles and most colours, so by now you know what works for you. It really is insane to have lots of money invested in bags that just sit in the closet, if you need the money for something else.

    I had made plans to downsize and already knew which bags were going, but then I started working again and now I am confused :biggrin:. Now the bags on the "to go"-list are the ones I can see myself using for work. So going to wait a bit before making the final cut. I know I will be so relieved once it is done! Even if I like some of the newer styles, I know the high prices will make it impossible for me to buy any new bags.
  14. I've always admired your revolving door Mulberry habit KLP wishing that I had the nerve to do the same.
    Your final ;) collection is fab .
  15. Congratulations on a successful edit! Just think how much more you'll use and enjoy the bags you have left :smile: