revelation - Birkin bound? Does anyone own a raisin chevre Birkin?

  1. No, gals and guys, it's not so exciting as a SO or anything so near as that.

    But I just realized, just now, that I would love to own a Birkin one day! I am in SHOCK. :nuts:

    Up to now, I've been strictly into shoulder strap style bags, Kellys, Bolides, Trims. But last week I wore my bags mostly on my arm as an experiment, and I am shocked to realize I did not hate it! It was OK!!

    So now of course begins the dreaming, planning, etc. I'd love a 35 raisin in a stiff leather, preferably vache liegee. Maybe fjord? Not box or chevre right now - I'd love a bit muted raisin Birkin for everyday use.

    Does anyone know if the a Birkin comes in raisin vache liegee or raisin fjord? Any other ideas for stiff muted leather in raisin?

    While I'm dreaming, and along the same lines :graucho: :

    Does anyone know if the Bolide comes in raisin chevre? Would LOVE that pop of purple!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    TIA for any advice and insight.
  2. What about Epsom? I know Raisin comes in that leather and colors are usually more muted and softer in Epsom
  3. OMG! That Raisin Chevre is just TDF!
  4. Oh no - now I need a raisin Birkin too! :rolleyes:
  5. You ladies are straight on with that raisin chevre - I ogle it regularly as well! But for some reason, I would like the bag to be a more muted raisin. I think fjord would be great. Maybe vache liegee would pop too much color as well?

    Quinn's Mom, thanks for the tip on the epsom, that's very good to know....I guess I really need to find out what leathers raisin comes in?

    And, does Hermes design bags by leather/color or by leather/color/bag style?

    Hermesgroupie? Other leather experts needed here, pls!
  6. katel

    I have seen a friend's 35cm Raisin in Togo. It was very very dark/muted. In bright sunlight, it was gorgeous of course. I think the slight sheen of chevre will give the dark raisin color a bit of a "lift" if you get what I mean.
  7. ^^^ thanks, QM! Off to check now...

    yikes help! What's a Toto? (couldn't find it)
  8. Made it easy..A toto is the leather version of the Fourre Tout.

    It is much darker IRL...
  9. QM, GORGEOUS! Thanks for the pic - really tasty!

    I wonder if the togo 35 Birkin owners think they have quite a bit of slouch?

    Off to investigate the past slouch thread (which should be regular required reading simply for the "stiffy factor" laugh quotient :lol: )
  10. I love the stiffy reference!

    I LOVE this Birkin, Katel.....that would be a DREAM bag, for sure!! Are you going to SO one?
  11. GF, I am not in a city with a boutique, and I am not at an elevated SO status yet with my SAs...:crybaby:

    So, no, no SO right now (not unless someone has a spare SO just sitting around waiting for an order?????? :p )
  12. K - the raisin would be perfect for you! here is a pic of my bolide in togo - the pic is fairly true to life. I will be on the look out for you, my dear! :smile: