Reveiw of my Raspberry Francis Laptop Bag!!!

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  1. I just started using my Raspberry Francis and I love that bag! I travel a decent amount for work and I was able to get my laptop (13.5"x9.5") and papers easily on one side of the divider leaving the other free for my wallet, agenda, BBerry, etc. I also like the pocket on the front - my BBerry will fit in there but I've been using it for mints, tissue, lipgloss, etc. I had my handles made a tiny bit longer and they fit easily on my shoulder over a coat and the rolled handles stay nicely. Probably my only complaint is that the closure on the front pocket is a royal pain to get closed when the bag is full - it looks cool and looks like it would be simple, but you have to push the pocket in and manuver the slippery clasp in place - not so easy with one hand when your dashing to your next meeting (which is why my BBerry isn't being carried in that pocket - it's not always closed and I don't want to lose it. I really love the divider in the bag - it keeps my laptop from falling over on everything which happens in my Coach tote.
  2. I'm so happy to hear this!! Thanks for the detailed review!!!
  3. Hi, suzee, what a coincidence! I was thinking about PM you, I want a Francis in raspberry from the sale. I am a doctor and it will be my medical bag ( for carrying prescriptions, saturimeter, sthetoscophe, and medical clothes, usually the top and pants of my medical pajama) I am thinking to ask Ignacio to make two big slot pockets, but I think I would go without the divider. It is roomy enough? I am thinking also about having a smaller drop, as I will usually carry it by hand, and when I want it at the shoulder, well, I have the shoulder strap.
    Do you think raspberry is a though leather? This bag will have tons of use. I am torn between the raspberry and the purple patent, but I prefer the raspberry colour.
    Thanks for your comments!
  4. congrats!! PICSSS PLEASE!!! I love the raspberry leather.
  5. I'm glad that you are happy with it now that you've gotten some use out of it. Is your leather breaking in well? Linda's broke in very nicely.
  6. Suzzeee, thanks so much for the review! I'm always so glad to see these (but have never posted one, hmmm). Yes, pics!