Reveals from my Sep Europe trip

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  1. thanks for all your nice compliments!

    ilovecocochanel, i was there last week for one day only. stock is still horrible. i would say that in general, there is very few birkin nor kellys. So Relax was on the shelf staying there, from the looks of it! It is available only in orange Veau Sikkim for now as this color is special to FSH for the relaunch of their leather department.

    having said, i would say that it is not impossible to find Kelly nor Birkin provided that your timing is right. any stocks received is automatically cleared out in minutes!

    also, FSH now has implemented new policy of queueing in the leather department which I find much nicer. basically, you go to leather department and stay in a queue until a SA is ready to help.
  2. I know!

    i :heart: too!
  3. HY...... u know if u ever need somebody to look after Ms RH Jige, u know where
  4. i was lucky to find this super adorable Quelle Dolle keychain at FSH.

    interestingly, this keychain is being used as a Limited Edition for Taipei's Bellavita H's anniversary sale. as far as I can tell, it looks IDENTICAL (and much cheaper :P) without the Limited Edition engraved in the back!


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  5. robee, i think it is too big for you to carry... :graucho:

    btw, i am counting 4 dents and scratches already! ouch!

  6. nothing too big for robee!
    bring it on, she needs to sleep in the cupboard with the rest of her box sisters/cousins
  7. spy pics from inside H to share... you can see how depleted it is at FSH!


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  8. Gorgeous items!!! Love your Jige GM (; too bad that a macbook doesn't fit, otherwise I would have to do a search as well ;)) And the keychain is so adorable!
  9. preview of more pics to come in the following days...

    hehehe.. actually, i have more boxes but too lazy to take another pic of all of them! but i had to mail back 5 kg worth of H boxes to avoid overweight charge!


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  10. Lucky you!

  11. Yummy moon cake and gorgy goodies. Congrats hanyeu!

  12. WOW this is bad..wasnt this bad when i went...but sa did mention that when the fashion week was gng on...or cannes festival.. cant rem wht...everything sold out in the even mentioned even the "blah" (with expression) got sold!
    isnt it lucky i scored 1 b and 2 kellys and a jige pm (jige was flown from deauville in 1 day)

    i regret not being adamant abt a shoulder birkin..i think if i was, i wud have come home with one...oh well....i think i shall wait for my SO from 2009 to well as dream abt fuschia or violet ostrich:smile:
  13. Congrats hanyeu!! Can't wait to see your other goodies!
  14. Congrats on all the goodies!
  15. Glad you had a good time Hanyeu, looking forward to seeing more of your reveal!

    Those spypics are just sad though!! How disappointing when you've gone such a long way. Still looks like there are some nice big orange boxes... can't wait to see!