Reveals: 2 additions from Sales

  1. nice :smile: i would keep it too. the price point is just to nice to be missed :graucho:
  2. haha... thanks. Hv you check out the F jewellery price in spore before?:smile:
  3. no.. i'm more into their leather goods... i guess u have decided to keep the beauty?:graucho:
  4. Lucky u!
    I chiong to MBS on the first of sales after work but seems like all small sizes were gone :sad:
    my feet size is 34.5 - 35. always so hard to find the right size :sad:(((
  5. yes but today i saw another bracelet.. ;)
  6. Thanks zibbie.
    Yes, most small sizes are gone by mid day i guess. Pple literally q in front of Paragon to wait for the opening hours. I guess only taka is quite empty as there isn't any Citibank promotion.
  7. oh.. any pic? sales item?
  8. Next year I will sure to be early!!! hee hee.

  9. NOt sale item. euro 149. couldnt find it on official website, this is the best pic i can find. but instead of necklace, it's bracelet with rhinestones on the SF logo, silver chain. more mature look than charms.
  10. wow.. if u get this necklace, its nice too :smile:. u can consider this.. haha
  11. that's really nice! what material is it made of - sterling silver?
  12. i'm clueless on the material leh. they only hv the single logo necklaces, but the chain look cheapskape. haha..
  13. maybe i shld check the necklace out in the stores... :smile:

  14. 2 days ago, just ramdom shopping trip and saw the necklace at 50% for 55 euro only! wah... couldnt believe my eyes. but closer look, 2 stones missing. so didnt buy in the end.
  15. did u ask if they can fix the 2 stones? lucky u spotted the flaw...but its really CHEAP...!! :p