Reveals: 2 additions from Sales

  1. i saw jellies at paragon & taka. they have both the sandal and slip-on type. gd luck in yr hunt :smile:
  2. Thanks ricetable22!!
  3. u've got a good buy too.. is the heel navy blue? i saw it both open toe and pump but no more size...:sad:
    Pink patent heels.. interesting.. maybe i shld pop by too hehe.. do update on the stock at MBS... good luck in yr search :smile:[/QUOTE

    Yeah the heel is blue. Went MBS, more designs but not my size.

    Decided to give up Ferragamo, bought Gucci flats instead.
  4. Wow beautiful shoes! I esp love the embellished flats. Congrats on yr buy!! (:
    I can only wish that I was in Singapore for the sale too, but I'm currently studying overseas. :/
  5. Sweet shoes!
  6. which gucci flats did u buy? pic !!! :smile:
  7. thanks cherho :smile: i'm sure u will join the gang soon :graucho:
  8. Did u managed to get what u want?
  9. Nah... They didn't have what I wanted..
  10. Nah, they didn't have what I wanted.
  11. Bought charms bracelet Euro 89.95 today. This is the first time i saw the bracelet but wondering if it's new collections or simply old stock fm past collections. This is non- sale item.
    charms.jpg charms2.jpg
  12. Nice charms u got!!
  13. so its a keeper? i thought the price is rather cheap but wondering selling in spore too
  14. I would keep it if I'm u. Afterall bracelet charms from brands like agatha, Thomas sabo in sgp will cost u about the same amount or even why not!
  15. Thanks much No Cute :smile: